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Walking With Gout

I have replaced this June 2011 walking with gout discussion with Should I Walk with Gout. But you can still read the old details below. But you will get better gout walking information if you follow the links in this announcement:

Walking, Swimming and Gout Update

1. Keith has updated Gout and Exercise to reduce Uric Acid to include new evidence to show that aerobic exercise for 45 days can reduce uric acid. Also, he has written new advice to answer Should I Walk with Gout.

2. I have grouped new exercise discussions for gout sufferers into the Gout and Exercise Forum. Similarly, I have created a Should I Walk with Gout Forum. So please join those discussions and add your own questions, experiences, and opinions about walking and swimming with gout.

Please remember if you want personal help with any aspect of gout, the new place to ask is GoutPal’s Gout Forum. So we look forward to chatting with you about your walking, swimming, and gout.

I am 40 years old, overweight and have a history of beer drinking, more or less a poster boy for Gout. I am now dealing with my second gout attack that has now lasted 2 weeks or more and has gone up and down as far as the pain goes but I have been “active” as far as trying to go about my normal business. I have been “walking” and somewhat mobile and basically this attack is not going away? I thought I read that I should keep moving but now I wonder if I haven’t made it worse?? So my first basic question is? Should I try and limp about or stay seated??

Sorry if this is too basic a query but after reading countless blogs and sites about what I can eat and can’t eat or drink or smell etc? My brain may as well have Gout, it’s so confusing and depressing? well everyone here knows what I’m saying.

So, should I keep pressure off my foot as much as possible or try and work through it?

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Gout & Sex

[Transferred from old forum Jan 2010]

Does sex cure gout? If not, can I tell my wife it does anyway?

Does sex cure gout? If not, can I tell my lovely wife it does anyway? Any studies, credibly documented? or completely made up.. are welcome. 😉

Gout & Sex Responses Summary

This is a selection of responses which may be edited to remove spelling mistakes, off-topic comments, etc. Please revive the discussion by adding your own responses in the comments box below.

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Does Medical Marijuana Help With Gout?

In tidying the old forums, I repeat the following question in it’s entirety:

Hello Everyone

I hope this subject isn’t that taboo on the forums, if the admin deems this as an unfit thread for this forums then please remove it at all costs, as I come from a legal state where I was able to get a prescription for MMJ. I am in no way advocating its use or in anyway promoting it, but I came here with some questions/thoughts and would love to get some feedback from fellow sufferers.

I have read on a few websites that cannabis mite be a possible candidate as an anti-inflammatory for arthritis, seeing as how gout is considered a form of arthritis it may seem that MMJ may be beneficial for gout sufferers. And there are other sites where it states that MMJ justs act like morphine in the sense that it helps the users forget about the pain while under the effects of marijuana.

I have noticed that when I have an attack and use MMJ it makes my joints feel more swollen/pressure than prior to consumption, but I only notice this when I try to put an pressure on the affected joint and that if I am just laying in bed it feels fine and helps takes my mind off of the attack itself. I have not noticed MMJ as a trigger for my gout, as I tend to use it on a semi-regular basis (2-3 times a week)

Whats everyones take on this? Is this something that I should avoid at all costs whether or not I am experiencing an attack or is this something that is okay to use recreationally in between attacks? Would very much like everyones feedback

I am impressed by the polite attitude, and I have no issue with discussing this topic. However, the debate has to be constructive and restricted to gout where it is legal to do so. I hate censorship, but not as much as I hate people wasting my time.

Responses to the original question include:

I have some experience with cannabis and having Gout. I find that cannabis tends to make me focus way too much on the affected area, I actually think it makes it worse and it tends to make me wreck my diet […] Short story long, cannabis is not going to help your attacks, only controlling your Uric Acid will do that

I emboldened the last sentence as I agreed with it strongly in the original discussion.

The final comment was:

Using the herbal remedy that you’re referring to can help or hurt depending on the method you use to administer it. I found that unfiltered, the smoke can cause a gout flare-up while when ingested or filtered well there is no flare-up.

This is a topic well outside my experience, so my only contribution is my earlier point about keeping the focus on getting uric acid levels safe.

If you have anything positive, interesting, or enlightening to add to this debate, please add it below.

If you prefer more widely accepted forms of gout treatment, please refer to my gout treatment pages.

Medical Marijuana - 100% Natural Narcotic
Medical Marijuana – 100% Natural Narcotic
Gout Questions Website Rather Than Gout

Splitting GoutPal In Two

GoutPal Interactive is a terrific resource for gout sufferers.

  • You can ask about your gout.
  • You can get help from fellow gout sufferers who understand what you are going through.
  • You can discuss gouty arthritis and all matters that relate to it.
  • You can help me improve the main gout website.

Almost all this is provided in the gout forum, with some extras in this gout blog. Unfortunately, the software that runs the gout forum is complicated – hard to manage and resource hungry.

There have been some terrific discussions in the forum, and thousands of people have got good answers to their gouty questions. Unfortunately, some questions never get answered properly because the discussions grow through many topics. Some questions never get asked because the complexity drives prospective contributors away.

My answer to these problems is to split the site between questions and discussions.

You can ask your questions, and contribute to the answers in the Gout Question and Answer Section. You can discuss any and all aspects of gout in this blog area, using the comment boxes.

My plan is:

  1. Establish the Question and Answer Section with appropriate User Guides, indexing and archiving features.
  2. Improve the discussion features in this blog area, including better management features for starting new discussions, contributing to and tracking existing ones, and improving indexing and archiving to find relevant discussions easily.
  3. Phase out the old gout forum.

I have no timescale at present. I will be driven by your discussions in the comment box below, and by your Gouty Questions and Answers.

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L-carnitine and Uric Acid

I’ve just read a fascinating study about a substance called L-carnitine and it’s effect on uric acid.

The study is not concerned with gout, but anything related to uric acid interests me. This particular study looks at how uric acid rises after strenuous exercise. The fact that exertion raises uric acid is the reason why I recommend gentle exercise for gout sufferers – exercise is important to aid mobility and help weight loss, but too much can have a bad effect.


L-carnitine is currently being promoted widely as an anti-aging / anti-dementia supplement. It is produced naturally in the body if sufficient lysine (an amino acid found in protein), vitamins B1, B6 and iron is available. It is available from diet – mainly muscle and organ meat, fish and milk products.

The study about uric acid, exercise, and l-carnitine (L-Carnitine L-tartrate supplementation favorably affects markers of recovery from exercise stress) uses a commonly available carnitine supplement LCLT, combining L-carnitine with L-tartrate.

In the study, the subjects took the LCLT supplement for a 6 day rest period prior to starting the exercises. Although the study is mainly concerned with the effects during and after exercise, the volunteers on LCLT displayed lower uric acid levels even during the rest period.

The big question is – will it do any good for gout? If you’ve taken this supplement, please let me know how you got on with it.

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Swollen Toes Diagnosis

This article answers the short gout question “swollen toes diagnosis”.

For the more information on Swollen Joints, please see my latest addition to the I Have Gout program.

That program is about getting a good diagnosis. It is a step-by-step program that covers all aspects of gout diagnosis, allowing you to assess your symptoms, work with doctors to get a diagnosis, and learn what to do once your swollen joints are diagnosed. If you want to know more about your gout symptoms, please see Is It Swollen Joints Or Tophaceous Gout?

Swollen toes are a common sign of gout, but there could be other reasons.

If you go to the doctors with swollen toes, they will usually start by asking about any possible recent

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Food List High In Potassium

This answers the short gout question, “food list high in potassium.”

I have produced a table that lists foods high in potassium. Most gout sufferers should not worry about potassium. If you eat a healthy gout diet (see my Gout Diet Section), you will get adequate amounts of potassium.

The right amount of potassium is important for good health, but you must not eat too much. You must