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What are your Gout Causes?

On many levels, gout causes are simple. It is simply excess uric acid that causes gout.

I’ve recently started reorganizing my gout causes pages, and I want to make sure I have not missed any. Also, there has not been much discussion of gout causes recently, so this is the place to discuss any aspects of the causes of gout.

Please note that I am not particularly interested here in what causes a single gout flare. I am interested in the underlying causes of gout. My list so far is:

  • Kidney disease
  • Surgery
  • Leukemia, lymphoma, or hemoglobin disorders
  • Medical conditions that cause rapid weight change (increase or decrease)
  • Medications for other health conditions
  • Exposure to lead and other metal salts

Can you think of others?

What are your feelings on obesity? I believe that diet can play a part, and I would add that starvation, dehydration, and malnutrition can also affect gout. I am certainly not interested in specific foods, but have you ever cured gout by completely stopping a bad aspect of diet? To qualify for that, you need to demonstrate uric acid over 6.5 being reduced to 5 or below. This is important, because stopping the pain is not enough – uric acid crystals continue to grow slowly, and they will destroy your joints, kidneys, and other organs, which is definitely not a gout cure.

Please see my article, Gout Causes: Why Does It Matter?, and the What Causes Gout guidelines, for more details of exactly what I mean.

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Gout Symptoms And Causes Forum

Can you get gout in your baby toe?

This summary of an old forum discussion from July 2009 started about wine, but when the Original Poster added a picture of his foot, most of the interest was about gout in his second toe and baby (pinky) toe.

The story began with:
I had my first attack ever, second toe, gone in one day. I have been on restrictive diet for a week, lots of water, cherry juice, cherries etc. When is it safe to have 1 glass of wine (or do i wait a month or so?)

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Walking With Gout

I have replaced this June 2011 walking with gout discussion with Should I Walk with Gout. But you can still read the old details below. But you will get better gout walking information if you follow the links in this announcement:

Walking, Swimming and Gout Update

1. Keith has updated Gout and Exercise to reduce Uric Acid to include new evidence to show that aerobic exercise for 45 days can reduce uric acid. Also, he has written new advice to answer Should I Walk with Gout.

2. I have grouped new exercise discussions for gout sufferers into the Gout and Exercise Forum. Similarly, I have created a Should I Walk with Gout Forum. So please join those discussions and add your own questions, experiences, and opinions about walking and swimming with gout.

Please remember if you want personal help with any aspect of gout, the new place to ask is GoutPal’s Gout Forum. So we look forward to chatting with you about your walking, swimming, and gout.

I am 40 years old, overweight and have a history of beer drinking, more or less a poster boy for Gout. I am now dealing with my second gout attack that has now lasted 2 weeks or more and has gone up and down as far as the pain goes but I have been “active” as far as trying to go about my normal business. I have been “walking” and somewhat mobile and basically this attack is not going away? I thought I read that I should keep moving but now I wonder if I haven’t made it worse?? So my first basic question is? Should I try and limp about or stay seated??

Sorry if this is too basic a query but after reading countless blogs and sites about what I can eat and can’t eat or drink or smell etc? My brain may as well have Gout, it’s so confusing and depressing? well everyone here knows what I’m saying.

So, should I keep pressure off my foot as much as possible or try and work through it?

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Gout In Wrist

Gout in wrist was first discussed here in Oct 2011. The member is no longer active, but his story lives on, helping other people who wonder if you can get gout in your wrist.

If you are worried about a gouty wrist, you should know that it is quite common. You can see from my survey of joints affected by gout, that 26% of people suffer gout in the wrist, or other part of the hand, excluding the index finger.

So, the main thing that gout sufferers need to know is that gout can affect any joint, including wrists. The story of our GoutPal member will remind you that everyone is unique. Symptoms of gout in the wrist can vary from person to person. You can see later discussions of gouty wrists in my Can you get gout in your wrist index. At the end of this article, I will help you find gout in the wrist treatments that suit your particular symptoms. In the meantime, please read the original gout in wrist story.

Gout in wrist, my situation.

Male, early 30s. The gout is located in my left wrist and hand only. I’m left handed, so it’s particularly difficult for me. I’ve been dealing with it for about a year it seems but it only became more noticeable and painful a few months ago, prompting me to finally go to for an ER visit to find out what it was. I’m pretty sure it’s gout and not carpal tunnel unless it’s more than one condition I’m dealing with. I say this because a diagnosis of gout was made back in June of this year after x-rays were taken. I went to the ER one evening because the pain was just getting worse. I had noticed swelling and light discomfort before, even about a year ago in August 2010 that but I didn’t even consider gout as being involved. It’s just not something a younger person thinks of, and it’s uncommon in general to occur in the wrist or hand. They gave me the usual first line treatment for gout and of course recommended that I follow up with primary care if symptoms don’t improve. But I haven’t because I’ve been dreading it. I have other health conditions that compound the problem, but I’m not going to go into it until I’m more comfortable.

I would certainly appreciate any insight into the whole gout situation, directions to quality information to read or what I should know more about. Thanks :).

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What are the best shoes for gout?

For years I have had Gout, I have been tested and it is Gout.

Anyway, Doctors think it is odd but I get gout attacks from simply changing shoes. They are not cheap tight shoes but no matter what quality simply changing into different shoes will bring on an attack. Also just bumping my foot on something or twisting it wrong.(playing guitar will get my wrist or finger too)

Does anyone else have issues with shoes. I hate wearing crocs everyday


2018 Gout Shoes Update

1. I’ve added the latest Gout Shoes facts to Should I Walk with Gout.

2. You might also find Gout Shoes discussions in the Gout and Exercise Forum and in the Should I Walk with Gout Forum. So please join those discussions and add your own questions, experiences, and opinions about shoes that help gout.

Please remember if you want personal help with any aspect of gout, the new place to ask is GoutPal’s Gout Forum. So we look forward to chatting with you about your gout shoes soon.

If you want to continue reading this old discussion below, I have repeated this update notice after the comments.

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Terrors Of Tophi

Gouty tophi (singular = tophus) are lumps of uric acid crystals.

They frequently form under the skin after prolonged uric acid over 6.8mg/dL. As uric acid crystals form, our white blood cells attack the invading crystals, so tophi are a mass of crystals and dead cells. Over time, these become harder, and can reduce mobility or burst through the skin, risking infection.

Tophi will slowly shrink when uric acid is below the crystallization point. They shrink faster when uric acid is lower. Modern uricase treatments, such as Krystexxa (pegloticase) shrink tophi fastest. Often, gout patients have to resort to surgery, though I have seen one video where this is simply because the doctor had no idea what uric acid levels should be.

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What Is Gout To You?

I need a simple definition of “What Is Gout?

It is a question that gets asked every day, but I am struggling to come up with a simple definition.

Of course, the answer will depend on who is asking the question. I visualize someone who has just been diagnosed with gout, who needs to know what this newly acquired disease means to them.

I’m guessing that most longterm gout sufferers know the answer, or stopped asking what is gout, because the answers were too confusing.

You might ask why this matters.