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Does sex cure gout? If not, can I tell my wife it does anyway?

Does sex cure gout? If not, can I tell my lovely wife it does anyway? Any studies, credibly documented? or completely made up.. are welcome. 😉

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Uric Acid

Uric Acid Blood Test Debate

My campaign for better uric acid blood test procedures is taking shape now suspended.

I’m driven by recent forum discussions and my own experiences. Clearly, there are some issues with getting blood tests at the right time, and getting the results interpreted correctly. Therefore the early stages of my campaign will focus on preparing proper information to fight the campaign.

I need your help whilst I gather my information into easy-to-read campaign material and prepare the campaign website. I need to build a picture of the state of uric acid testing as it stands today, all around the world. I need you to share your uric acid blood test results.

To do this, I have prepared a poll and a couple of surveys. Before you submit your information, please take a moment to read my gout poll guidelines that are part of my extended gout discussion guidelines. For completeness, I should also have survey guidelines, but does such a simple form filling exercise need guidelines? Only your participation and feedback can tell me.

I would like information from all actual or suspected gout sufferers. The essence of the uric acid blood test poll is that you tell me if you have lab-based uric acid tests from medical professionals or if you test yourself at home (with options for both and neither). After you have voted, I would like you to complete a short survey about lab tests, home tests, or both.

There are features in the poll to add comments, but please keep these strictly to voting issues. If you are not sure, please add your comments below. The comments box here is also for any questions, experiences or theories you may have about uric acid blood tests.

I have written my own views on uric acid testing, and I would appreciate it if you read those first to get a better understanding of the importance of testing and the issues involved.

Please complete the uric acid blood test poll. The poll has links to the survey(s) I would like you to complete after voting. Poll and surveys closed.

Uric Acid

Uric Acid Number, Uric Acid Number, Uric Acid Number

I feel I’m repeating myself here, but guess what?

It is all about your Uric Acid Number.

If you have any interest in gout whatsoever, then you need to know the exact level of uric acid in your blood.

When you ask the bank manager for your account balance, does “OK, Nothing to worry about?” make you happy? Do you accept “Normal” and rush out on a spending spree?

Of course not. You need the number. And here is why.

Uric Acid

Essential Gout Pain Relief

Gout pain relief works best when you understand why it hurts.

My articles describing how uric acid causes gout pain brings into focus the four essential elements.

Uric Acid

Quite simply, if you have too much uric acid you increase your risk of gout pain. The reasons for excess uric acid are many, but one essential point is that uric acid is our own natural anti-oxidant. It is very easy to stress your body to need anti-oxidants, and I discuss some of these causes elsewhere. It is also easy to supply anti-oxidants from foods, supplements and other treatments.

Essentially, if you boost your anti-oxidant supply from external sources, your body is under less pressure to produce its own anti-oxidant – uric acid.

Urate Crystal Deposits

There is very little you can do directly to affect uric acid crystal deposits. You do however need to be aware of their existence, as they will often cause gout pain both when they form (bad), and when they dissolve (good).

Essentially, gout pain relief is important when you first get gout, to help you cope with the pain from new uric acid crystals. It is equally important when you lower uric acid, to help you cope with the pain from old uric acid crystals dissolving.

Immune Reaction To Uric Acid Crystals

Uric acid crystals don’t hurt in the same way as sticking a needle in your body. They hurt like a flu virus, as your body fights what it sees as an infection. When your body recognizes and fights an invasion of uric acid crystals, it produces an inflammatory response that you see, and feel, as swollen, red, painful joints.

Essentially, anything you can do to minimize the inflammation will minimize your pain.

Your Reaction To Pain

When the inflammation starts, your nerves carry signals to your brain which we know as pain. There are many treatments, both natural and manufactured, that can interfere with these pain messages to reduce or block them. There are also techniques, popularly hypnosis and distraction, that can help you cope with the pain signals and block them out.

Essentially, your last resort to dealing with gout pain is to block it.

Essential Oils And Essential Fatty Acids

Whilst researching gout pain relief, I’ve stumbled across various natural substances that act on different parts of the gout pain process. A significant number of these substances are classed as essential oils or essential fatty acids. I am producing a series of articles on these natural pain relievers.

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