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Allopurinol Drug Recall

Allopurinol Drug Recall For Europharm's Purinol
Allopurinol Drug Recall For Europharm’s Purinol
Purinol – a brand of allopurinol manufactured by Europharm Labs of Hong Kong – has been recalled.

Tests have revealed the presence of a fungus called Rhizopus.

Shipments have been refused entry into Macoa.

The Department of Health in Hong Kong has withdrawn Purinol from sale, and is investigating other drugs manufactured by Europharm. Please note that this only affects Europharm Laboratories in Hong Kong.

The contamination appears to have occurred due to delays in the process of converting the active ingredients mixture into tablet form. It does not affect other manufacturers of allopurinol.

Patients receiving Purinol are urged to seek alternative allopurinol supplies from the clinics where there drugs where dispensed. It is vital that you do this immediately, as suspected medicines should never be used, but allopurinol should not be discontinued without the advice of your doctor.

Please check your allopurinol packaging immediately. You only need to take action if the medicine was manufactured by Europharm Labs of Hong Kong. Note that you should do this even if you live outside Hong Kong, as the drug is exported from there to other countries.

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Liver And Allopurinol Side Effects

I’m often asked about different aspects of gout treatments. Today I answered a question about allopurinol side effects. “Does allopurinol taken for gout contribute to liver damage?”, asked a reader from the USA.

Most people tolerate allopurinol well, but up to 20% can have adverse reactions.

The most serious reactions can involve liver problems. These are thought to be reversible – i.e. affected the liver recovers after allopurinol is stopped.