About GoutPal’s Old Gout Forum

The gout forum has now moved to Old gout discussions here are still very useful. For best personal gout help use my new gout support forum.

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The way I see it: is all about gout, GoutPal Interactive is all about you, especially if you are:

  • A gout sufferer
  • Loved one, or carer for, a gout sufferer
  • Healthcare provider (from medical professional to gout potion producer) who wants to learn how to provide better goods and services.

We can all work together to make the best fact base for gout and uric acid. We can all work together to make that fact base accessible for all.

The best way to improve resources is for you to let me know what information you need to meet your own unique needs. I can do that best if you provide me with in-depth information about yourself and your goals.

There are various ways that you can add information:

The Gout Forum
Here you can start new discussions about gout, or join in existing topics. Read more about GoutPal’s New Gout Forum.
I use your votes to guide me on what to improve about the site. Of course, a simple vote cannot always tell me what you really want to see, so please use the GoutPal Interactive Wish List to make your feelings known.
Most importantly, should be all you need to help you work with your doctor to fix your gout. If you arrived here with a question about gout, you should be able to find the answer quickly at If you cannot, please let me know at the GoutPal Wish List.

Purpose Of Gout Pal Interactive

To allow gout sufferers and their carers to ask questions, and share experiences and opinions, about gout and about the resources at

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