Impact of Celery Seed Extract for Gout

GoutPal’s information about celery seed extract for gout is in the news this week. As, an internationally renowned market reports company analyzes the celery seed extract company[1].

Now many of the news agencies reporting this study are mistaken about GoutPal’s role. Because they describe GoutPal as one of the major vendors of celery seed products. But the report clearly describes GoutPal as a “Major Player”. So read on to see why this crucial difference is important to gout sufferers. Also, read my summary of celery seed information for gout sufferers. Plus a bonus for people who are really interested in learning about gout and uric acid.


When Keith Started

At the moment, my gout story is easy. Because I’m taking allopurinol each day. So gout doesn’t bother me personally. Although I do have visible tophi which I think will last for years.

But my GoutPal role is very busy right now. Because I’m moving servers. So I’m taking the opportunity to reorganize and redesign.


Is Gout Inherited?

We often wonder, is gout inherited?

I’m working on guidelines for inherited gout. We often call this hereditary gout or genetic gout. For the moment, the best factual information is Is Your Gout Hereditary?. This, and similar information form the basis of my Gout Symptoms Guidelines, especially Why do I have Gout?.

We can see that gout is often, but not always, inherited. Obviously, you cannot change your parents. But you should understand what hereditary gout means for you. Therefore, note we have three interchangeable terms (hereditary gout, genetic gout, and inherited gout). Then use the search box at the top of the page to search for each of these terms. Or, do a combined search by copying hereditary gout|genetic gout|inherited gout into the search box.

Better Gout Treament

Starting Allopurinol

Starting allopurinol is a worrying move for most gout sufferers.

First, there’s the psychological trauma of committing to a daily pill for the rest of your life.

Second, there’s the worry of the risk of horrendous side affects that affect some allopurinol users.

Third, there’s more worry about gout attacks during the first few months of allopurinol usage.

These are the 3 main concerns that gout sufferers ask about in the gout forums. There are many other concerns about starting allopurinol, such as getting the right dose, or if allopurinol should be started during a gout flare. My main concern is that gout patients do not seem to get the right answers from their doctors.

Whatever concerns you might have about starting allopurinol, you can be certain you will get good advice in the gout forum. Your best place to start is by reading my allopurinol guidelines. My guidelines give you all the facts you need about allopurinol. If you are specifically looking for information about the best way to start taking allopurinol, then I suggest you search for starting allopurinol.


High Uric Acid Levels

High uric acid levels cause gout. But what does high really mean?

What is high for one person, might be acceptable for another. So, the important question is: What are Your high uric acid levels?

You need to know what is a high number for you, then you can find ways to lower uric acid to an acceptable level. I describe all the facts you need to know in my uric acid guidelines. However, there are also many facts that are not relevant to you. Here on GoutPal Interactive, I help you to ask your doctor the right questions about uric acid. I also help you understand your doctor’s answers and recommendations.

If you are worried about high uric acid levels, the best thing to do is ask your uric acid question. In your question, you should include as much uric acid test result history as you can. In fact, it is a good idea to add your uric acid test results to your personal gout profile as soon as you get them. If you do not have those numbers, please ask your doctor when you visit, or by email. Your blood test results say more about your high uric acid levels than anything else.

An alternative to starting your own discussion, is to join in an existing discussion. The relevant discussions are labeled what is considered a high uric acid level. You can see from these discussions that it is easy to manage gout when you recognize your high uric acid levels, then take steps to lower them.

Please note that I’m moving my gout forums to a new website. See the latest High Uric Acid Levels discussions in my Gout Topic Index. Join in any of those topics, or start your own new High Uric Acid Levels discussion.


Gout Study Information

This is a summary of discussions about gout study information. It helps you find archived gout studies and current gout research discussions.

GoutPal’s Gout Study Information

When gout study information helps with better gout guidelines, I update the gout website with these new gout facts. For significant new gout research, I might also write a new gout blog article.

Other research generates information that is ongoing, or insufficient evidence to improve guidelines. In these cases, we discuss the likely impact generally, or personally, on our gout.

Gout Remedies Forum For Gout Treatment

started Allapurinol need advice..

Im a 45 year old Male with gout, my father (past away last year, 72) had one of the worst cases that any of the doctors had ever seen (toes, feet, ankles, knees, fingers, wrists, hands,?elbows -many at the same time). About 8 years ago a got the gout in my knee (some of the worst pain?I have ever felt), they prescribed indocine and the flare was gone in about?2 days. After that?I didnt have any problems for about 3 years, then?I started to get flares in my feet and ankels, I would take indocine when I first started to feel pain and this worked well.?Since?I didnt have a GP (used walk in clinic), all they ever did was treat the symptoms with Indocine?and not the cause. So all?I did was take the indocine every time?I had a flare- and it did work well for me. I have just recently started seeing my fathers doctor (UA level 9.75), and he has perscribed 300mg Allapurinol once a day, I have been on the allapurninol for about 2 weeks, a few days ago I got a pretty good flair in my left wrist/thumb area (never had it here before), and this morning I started feeling that familiar pain in my left knee (have only had it once in the knee- not fun)- This is not at all good because?it can put me out of action and unable to work.

I have a few questions:

-I know that when starting Allapurinol there is a chance of flares, Do?I stop taking the Allapurinol and wait to restart after?I am better? (I ask because this is what a ‘specialist’ told my father to do)

-From what I understand when the Allapurinol lowers the UA level, and causes the built up crystals to melt, and this causes the UA levels to rise back up and partially cause the problem?I am having now, If this is the case?is there any way to estimate how?long?it will?take for this roller coaster to level out?

-I have seen a post on here describing Coltracine and a NSAID? My impression is that Coltracine works because it lowers your white cell count making it harder for the white cells to attack all of the crystals, is this what NSAID’s do also?

-When?I have a bad attack?I take?Coltracine,2X .6mg twice a day until the?diareaha starts, then?I stop the Coltracine and switch to Indocine (2X 50mg?twice a day- yes it is a large dose, but seems to be the only way to stop a flare semi-quickly). Can?I take both at the same time?

Thank you for any replies,