Keith’s GoutPal Story 2020

Here is my quick introduction to this website for 2020.

In the past, has been the interactive face of So you will still see lots of personal gout discussions. Which support the facts I publish on my main gout information website.

But since I learned how to manage gout properly, I’ve had to reorganize how my sites work. Because I’m changing to be a resource for you. So this website will become my personal gout space. Where I will…

Keith’s GoutPal Story

  • Describe key points in GoutPal history.
  • Explain my personal approach to some gout management choices.
  • Review old discussions with respect to my latest gout support services

Please note that my main priority is Because I want that to be the best resource for all gout sufferers. So you can learn general gout facts there. Then we can work together on personal gout learning projects.

In future, I’ll add some personal highlights. And maybe some humour from the world of gout. But I prefer to focus on how I can help you. So please use the Feedback form on each page to tell me your gout stories.