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Starting Allopurinol

Starting allopurinol is a worrying move for most gout sufferers.

First, there’s the psychological trauma of committing to a daily pill for the rest of your life.

Second, there’s the worry of the risk of horrendous side affects that affect some allopurinol users.

Third, there’s more worry about gout attacks during the first few months of allopurinol usage.

These are the 3 main concerns that gout sufferers ask about in the gout forums. There are many other concerns about starting allopurinol, such as getting the right dose, or if allopurinol should be started during a gout flare. My main concern is that gout patients do not seem to get the right answers from their doctors.

Whatever concerns you might have about starting allopurinol, you can be certain you will get good advice in the gout forum. Your best place to start is by reading my allopurinol guidelines. My guidelines give you all the facts you need about allopurinol. If you are specifically looking for information about the best way to start taking allopurinol, then I suggest you search for starting allopurinol.

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What are the best shoes for gout?

For years I have had Gout, I have been tested and it is Gout.

Anyway, Doctors think it is odd but I get gout attacks from simply changing shoes. They are not cheap tight shoes but no matter what quality simply changing into different shoes will bring on an attack. Also just bumping my foot on something or twisting it wrong.(playing guitar will get my wrist or finger too)

Does anyone else have issues with shoes. I hate wearing crocs everyday


2018 Gout Shoes Update

1. I’ve added the latest Gout Shoes facts to Should I Walk with Gout.

2. You might also find Gout Shoes discussions in the Gout and Exercise Forum and in the Should I Walk with Gout Forum. So please join those discussions and add your own questions, experiences, and opinions about shoes that help gout.

Please remember if you want personal help with any aspect of gout, the new place to ask is GoutPal’s Gout Forum. So we look forward to chatting with you about your gout shoes soon.

If you want to continue reading this old discussion below, I have repeated this update notice after the comments.

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Does Medical Marijuana Help With Gout?

In tidying the old forums, I repeat the following question in it’s entirety:

Hello Everyone

I hope this subject isn’t that taboo on the forums, if the admin deems this as an unfit thread for this forums then please remove it at all costs, as I come from a legal state where I was able to get a prescription for MMJ. I am in no way advocating its use or in anyway promoting it, but I came here with some questions/thoughts and would love to get some feedback from fellow sufferers.

I have read on a few websites that cannabis mite be a possible candidate as an anti-inflammatory for arthritis, seeing as how gout is considered a form of arthritis it may seem that MMJ may be beneficial for gout sufferers. And there are other sites where it states that MMJ justs act like morphine in the sense that it helps the users forget about the pain while under the effects of marijuana.

I have noticed that when I have an attack and use MMJ it makes my joints feel more swollen/pressure than prior to consumption, but I only notice this when I try to put an pressure on the affected joint and that if I am just laying in bed it feels fine and helps takes my mind off of the attack itself. I have not noticed MMJ as a trigger for my gout, as I tend to use it on a semi-regular basis (2-3 times a week)

Whats everyones take on this? Is this something that I should avoid at all costs whether or not I am experiencing an attack or is this something that is okay to use recreationally in between attacks? Would very much like everyones feedback

I am impressed by the polite attitude, and I have no issue with discussing this topic. However, the debate has to be constructive and restricted to gout where it is legal to do so. I hate censorship, but not as much as I hate people wasting my time.

Responses to the original question include:

I have some experience with cannabis and having Gout. I find that cannabis tends to make me focus way too much on the affected area, I actually think it makes it worse and it tends to make me wreck my diet […] Short story long, cannabis is not going to help your attacks, only controlling your Uric Acid will do that

I emboldened the last sentence as I agreed with it strongly in the original discussion.

The final comment was:

Using the herbal remedy that you’re referring to can help or hurt depending on the method you use to administer it. I found that unfiltered, the smoke can cause a gout flare-up while when ingested or filtered well there is no flare-up.

This is a topic well outside my experience, so my only contribution is my earlier point about keeping the focus on getting uric acid levels safe.

If you have anything positive, interesting, or enlightening to add to this debate, please add it below.

If you prefer more widely accepted forms of gout treatment, please refer to my gout treatment pages.

Medical Marijuana - 100% Natural Narcotic
Medical Marijuana – 100% Natural Narcotic
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Cure Your Own Gout

Can you cure your own gout?
You might have to.
If you do not take responsibility, and demand the right long term treatment, you will never cure your gout.
If you do not take action, the chances are nobody else will.

I get many messages from disillusioned gout patients who don’t feel that their gout treatment is working. I’ve just seen an article that suggests that you might have to cure your own gout.

In Patients Learn Chronic Disease Self-Management Online on MedScape, the authors note that:

managing a chronic disease has become a normal part of life. The healthcare system, however, … was designed to focus on acute illness and injury, not long-term conditions.

This is why most gout sufferers get pain relief treatment, but many go without the long-term uric acid lowering treatments that are crucial to curing gout. But it is vital that you get this treatment to avoid crippling joint damage and skin bursting tophi.

The authors conclude:

There is no doubt that patients will need to become good chronic disease self-managers. The healthcare system and individual professionals providing healthcare should increase the focus on ways to offer patients with chronic disease convenient, economical, and high-quality programs to help them attain the best possible therapeutic and quality-of-life goals. For the growing proportion of the population, this vision is becoming a reality through use of the Internet.

Compared with individual visits and group-based programs, the Internet is far less expensive and has the potential to reach many more people. … Online disease self-management can be an effective delivery method for teaching patients the skills and self-confidence they need to take charge of their chronic disease care.

I don’t know what online services your healthcare provider offers, but my online advice to help you cure your own gout starts with:

  1. See the listing of rheumatologists, go and see one, and make a plan to get your uric acid levels down to 5mg/dL. Then monitor uric acid every few weeks
  2. Drink about a gallon of fluids daily. Spread throughout the day, so you are drinking more or less constantly. All fluids count, but water is best.
  3. Consider baking soda (I’m also researching potassium citrate for gout) unless you have high blood pressure. This, and the increased fluid intake, helps avoid kidney stones.
  4. Lose weight slowly – uric acid can increase from binge eating and starvation.
  5. Exercise regularly, but gently – uric acid can increase from prolonged exertion.
  6. Don’t become obsessed with particular foods. Gout sufferers need a healthy balanced diet that includes a wide variety of different food types. Keep meat and fish to about 20% of your diet – balanced with plenty of fruit and vegetables.
  7. Painful swelling will occur occasionally until you get rid of all the uric acid crystals in your body. You and your doctor should discuss different pain relief options. You might need to try different medications until you find something that suits you.

Take responsibility, seek a little expert help, and you can cure your own gout.

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Gouty Arthritis Treatment

Management of acute gout

Better gouty arthritis treatment is a major concern for gout sufferers throughout the world.
My better gout treatment campaign is dedicated to improving medical and care procedures for all gout sufferers.
My correspondence shows that this is a worldwide problem.
British rheumatologists have completed some guidelines for the management of gout.

The aim of those guidelines is to:

develop concise, patient-focussed, evidence-based recommendations for the management of gout for doctors and allied heath professionals in primary care and hospital practice in the UK, which will also provide a useful resource for patients.

My aim is to provide a clear and concise gout patient guide that tells you what you should expect and request when you see your doctor about gout. To do this, I will analyze these guidelines, and other relevant publications, discuss them with you in the gout forum, and develop a simple gout patient guide.

I am still waiting to see the full guidelines, but the executive summary Full guidelines are at the link above, and they contain plenty of solid information that is vital to all gout sufferers. It does not matter where you live. The standards of gout care that you receive should be the best available. In this series of articles, I discuss the guidelines, with an emphasis on their relevance to gout sufferers.

In this article on gouty arthritis treatment, I focus on the guidelines specific to the management of acute gout. This relates to the stage of gout where you experience painful swelling in one or more joints. It is usually the point where you are first aware that something is wrong, and the point where most gout patients first seek medical attention.

Other guidelines relate to lifestyle changes after this acute stage, and management of later stages of gout. All these guidelines are supposed to be evidence based, but the report notes the lack of strong evidence in many areas of gout management. As they say, and we know to our cost:

Gout is a common disease both in primary care and hospital practice… many of the recommendations for treatment are based on expert consensus rather than research evidence and audits of practice suggest that treatment is very variable.

Most guidelines are graded according to the quality of evidence supporting them. The grades are:

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Gout Pain Relief

Gout pain relief is the first stage of gout management. The second stage is treatment to reduce uric acid, but this can cause more pain and many people miss this vital treatment because they cannot tolerate the pain. Recent discoveries regarding gout pain have suggested an alternative approach that may well lead to a new, more effective form of gout pain relief.

Many people mistakenly believe that uric acid crystals, commonly described as needle-like, cause pain in the same way that sticking pins in your body will. If you’ve studied my U-D-R-P model of gout pain, you will know that it is actually your immune system reacting to the crystals that causes swelling and pain in a similar way to fighting a virus. And the pain doesn’t only arise when something triggers these uric acid crystals to form.

A few days after your immune system has attacked uric acid crystals, swelling and pain subside as the crystals become hidden by white blood cells. But you need to reduce uric acid levels to get rid of gout, and whether you do this by diet or by drugs like allopurinol, those gout crystals that were hidden will become visible as they dissolve. This is why most doctors subscribe gout pain relief drugs such as colchicine or other anti-inflammatories (NSAIDS) at the same time as allopurinol. But many people simply cannot stomach these anti-inflammatory drugs and medical researchers are always on the look out for new approaches to gout pain relief.