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Starting Allopurinol

Starting allopurinol is a worrying move for most gout sufferers.

First, there’s the psychological trauma of committing to a daily pill for the rest of your life.

Second, there’s the worry of the risk of horrendous side affects that affect some allopurinol users.

Third, there’s more worry about gout attacks during the first few months of allopurinol usage.

These are the 3 main concerns that gout sufferers ask about in the gout forums. There are many other concerns about starting allopurinol, such as getting the right dose, or if allopurinol should be started during a gout flare. My main concern is that gout patients do not seem to get the right answers from their doctors.

Whatever concerns you might have about starting allopurinol, you can be certain you will get good advice in the gout forum. Your best place to start is by reading my allopurinol guidelines. My guidelines give you all the facts you need about allopurinol. If you are specifically looking for information about the best way to start taking allopurinol, then I suggest you search for starting allopurinol.

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Two weeks and two days since starting Allopurinol

Hello Keith,

Hope you are well ?

I said I’d keep you posted on my uric acid levels so here is an up date.

I started taking 100mgs of Allopurinol on the 3rd of Sept 2012 . On the 17th, a fortnight later I had a blood test for uric acid , kidney function and liver function as you advised.

During the first two weeks of the commencement of Allopurinol?I encountered a flare up of gout ( 5 days in to be exact ) so I started Colchicine Immediately , one per day , which stopped it in its tracks.

My uric acid level before starting Allopurinol was 448 and I am delighted to say they are now down to 290 . Yippee!

I was so pleased with the result but then I was somewhat deflated when the nurse said I would need to have a liver function re test ?

I didn’t ask her why ? I just made an appointmet for retest on Wednesday.

I just hope that one will be ok ?

Thought I’d let you know.

Thanks for your help and support?Keith,