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started Allapurinol need advice..

Im a 45 year old Male with gout, my father (past away last year, 72) had one of the worst cases that any of the doctors had ever seen (toes, feet, ankles, knees, fingers, wrists, hands,?elbows -many at the same time). About 8 years ago a got the gout in my knee (some of the worst pain?I have ever felt), they prescribed indocine and the flare was gone in about?2 days. After that?I didnt have any problems for about 3 years, then?I started to get flares in my feet and ankels, I would take indocine when I first started to feel pain and this worked well.?Since?I didnt have a GP (used walk in clinic), all they ever did was treat the symptoms with Indocine?and not the cause. So all?I did was take the indocine every time?I had a flare- and it did work well for me. I have just recently started seeing my fathers doctor (UA level 9.75), and he has perscribed 300mg Allapurinol once a day, I have been on the allapurninol for about 2 weeks, a few days ago I got a pretty good flair in my left wrist/thumb area (never had it here before), and this morning I started feeling that familiar pain in my left knee (have only had it once in the knee- not fun)- This is not at all good because?it can put me out of action and unable to work.

I have a few questions:

-I know that when starting Allapurinol there is a chance of flares, Do?I stop taking the Allapurinol and wait to restart after?I am better? (I ask because this is what a ‘specialist’ told my father to do)

-From what I understand when the Allapurinol lowers the UA level, and causes the built up crystals to melt, and this causes the UA levels to rise back up and partially cause the problem?I am having now, If this is the case?is there any way to estimate how?long?it will?take for this roller coaster to level out?

-I have seen a post on here describing Coltracine and a NSAID? My impression is that Coltracine works because it lowers your white cell count making it harder for the white cells to attack all of the crystals, is this what NSAID’s do also?

-When?I have a bad attack?I take?Coltracine,2X .6mg twice a day until the?diareaha starts, then?I stop the Coltracine and switch to Indocine (2X 50mg?twice a day- yes it is a large dose, but seems to be the only way to stop a flare semi-quickly). Can?I take both at the same time?

Thank you for any replies,


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Flaxseed Oil and Gout

My only events with gout came from starting fish oil. My doctor gave me a prescription for a high quality fish oil. I immediately came down with severe gout.First time ever. I stopped taking the fish oil and received treatment. The doctor thought it was coincidence and had me restart the fish oil. We did this for a total of three times with the same results. I finally convinced him it was not a coincident. I switched to Flax seed oil and no more problems.

Gout free.

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Newbie gouter

Hello everyone,

My name is Marc and I recently suffered my first gout attack. No need to describe the pain in my Big toe joint as everyone here knows the pain associated with gout. Anyway, I’ve got questions and this is obviously the place to be.


I sweated throught the pain of the attack for 12 hours with no sleep. Finally I tried a teaspoon of baking soda in water and then took 3 ibuprofen’s. The pain, although still very bad, subsided enough that I fell asleep….or passed out, who knows!


I scheduled a doctor appointment immediately but could only get in 5 days after the onset. ?I continued on the 600mg ibuprofen regime every 8 hours along with some ACV and Baking soda but not?religiously?because I could tell that it was the Ibuprofen that I was?benefiting?from.


While visiting the doctor, the pain had subsided to about half as bad as the original attack but the doctor easily diagnosed it as Gout and loaded me down with anti-inflammatories and pain meds. Very quickly I realized that I could not take Colchicine or Tramadol. Colchicine gave me bad pains in my back in the Kidney area and I assume that the Tramadol was causing my stools to turn pale so I discontinued both and stuck with Indomethacin which I must say works wonders. ?He ordered a Uric acid test and the results came back 6.9 but during a prior visit (8 months prior) the routine blood work came back with a Uric acid level of 7.0. He commented on the elevated level but didn’t not diagnose me with Gout. It is very unfortunate that a person must suffer through at least one attack before being treated for this horrible disease. ?I also had a blood pressure reading during the Dr. visit (for gout) of ?150/90. He attributed this to the pain because during the course of the duration between visits I managed to lose 30 pounds and my cholesterol profile prior was optimal.


I am now on Allopurinol (1 week) at a dosage of 100mg per day. I understand that most consider this a worthless dosage but I assume he is looking for any adverse reactions before upping the dosage. I just had blood tests today which I’m sure is for establishing a base line. He has another set scheduled for 8 weeks from now. Is this the normal progression or should I have Lab test more frequently. I have a history of Liver enzymes?occasionally? spiking (probably from brew) and I am a little concerned. I also take Milk Thistle for Liver support and wonder about drug interactions.


Currently I have back pains, can’t associate them with the Allopurinol but I do think its from gas. Can Allopurinol cause gas?


Are there any things I should be?forcibly? suggesting to my doctor?


Thanks so much for providing such an informative forum

Sincerely, Marc




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Gout In Wrist

Gout in wrist was first discussed here in Oct 2011. The member is no longer active, but his story lives on, helping other people who wonder if you can get gout in your wrist.

If you are worried about a gouty wrist, you should know that it is quite common. You can see from my survey of joints affected by gout, that 26% of people suffer gout in the wrist, or other part of the hand, excluding the index finger.

So, the main thing that gout sufferers need to know is that gout can affect any joint, including wrists. The story of our GoutPal member will remind you that everyone is unique. Symptoms of gout in the wrist can vary from person to person. You can see later discussions of gouty wrists in my Can you get gout in your wrist index. At the end of this article, I will help you find gout in the wrist treatments that suit your particular symptoms. In the meantime, please read the original gout in wrist story.

Gout in wrist, my situation.

Male, early 30s. The gout is located in my left wrist and hand only. I’m left handed, so it’s particularly difficult for me. I’ve been dealing with it for about a year it seems but it only became more noticeable and painful a few months ago, prompting me to finally go to for an ER visit to find out what it was. I’m pretty sure it’s gout and not carpal tunnel unless it’s more than one condition I’m dealing with. I say this because a diagnosis of gout was made back in June of this year after x-rays were taken. I went to the ER one evening because the pain was just getting worse. I had noticed swelling and light discomfort before, even about a year ago in August 2010 that but I didn’t even consider gout as being involved. It’s just not something a younger person thinks of, and it’s uncommon in general to occur in the wrist or hand. They gave me the usual first line treatment for gout and of course recommended that I follow up with primary care if symptoms don’t improve. But I haven’t because I’ve been dreading it. I have other health conditions that compound the problem, but I’m not going to go into it until I’m more comfortable.

I would certainly appreciate any insight into the whole gout situation, directions to quality information to read or what I should know more about. Thanks :).

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Allopurinol Side Effects – Remedies

Sir, I am 45 year old male suffering from Gout for last about 20 years. Whenever the Uric Acid level goes high Allopurinol is used under the supervision of a physcian. But using allopurinol leads to?profuse hair fall (Alopecia) and of late now I am also experiencing skin allergy in the form of bruising skin. Please suggest some remedy for both these side effects. Thanks

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Taking Allopurinol, stopped Colchicine and have flare ups again??

Hi all,

I have been on a treatment of Allopurinol (300mg daily) and taking Colchicine as a supplement (0.5mg daily) for 12 months to treat my Gout. I stopped the Colchicine 3 weeks ago and in that time have had separate flare ups. Is this normal? I would have thought that the build up of Uric acid would have subsided by now. I have taken anti-inflammatory’s for the flare ups, but am concerned. I know that Allopurinal treatment will cause flare ups initially, so was wondering whether stopping the cochicine has caused the flare ups…will they stop? Should I continue with the cochicine?

Please, any advice will be much appreciated.

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Long-term effects

I have Gout on my right foot, big toe joint.

I can go a couple years in between flare-ups.

My question is:?? What is happening to the joint in between flare-ups. Is it rotting away at my joint?

Thank You, Jake