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started Allapurinol need advice..

Im a 45 year old Male with gout, my father (past away last year, 72) had one of the worst cases that any of the doctors had ever seen (toes, feet, ankles, knees, fingers, wrists, hands,?elbows -many at the same time). About 8 years ago a got the gout in my knee (some of the worst pain?I have ever felt), they prescribed indocine and the flare was gone in about?2 days. After that?I didnt have any problems for about 3 years, then?I started to get flares in my feet and ankels, I would take indocine when I first started to feel pain and this worked well.?Since?I didnt have a GP (used walk in clinic), all they ever did was treat the symptoms with Indocine?and not the cause. So all?I did was take the indocine every time?I had a flare- and it did work well for me. I have just recently started seeing my fathers doctor (UA level 9.75), and he has perscribed 300mg Allapurinol once a day, I have been on the allapurninol for about 2 weeks, a few days ago I got a pretty good flair in my left wrist/thumb area (never had it here before), and this morning I started feeling that familiar pain in my left knee (have only had it once in the knee- not fun)- This is not at all good because?it can put me out of action and unable to work.

I have a few questions:

-I know that when starting Allapurinol there is a chance of flares, Do?I stop taking the Allapurinol and wait to restart after?I am better? (I ask because this is what a ‘specialist’ told my father to do)

-From what I understand when the Allapurinol lowers the UA level, and causes the built up crystals to melt, and this causes the UA levels to rise back up and partially cause the problem?I am having now, If this is the case?is there any way to estimate how?long?it will?take for this roller coaster to level out?

-I have seen a post on here describing Coltracine and a NSAID? My impression is that Coltracine works because it lowers your white cell count making it harder for the white cells to attack all of the crystals, is this what NSAID’s do also?

-When?I have a bad attack?I take?Coltracine,2X .6mg twice a day until the?diareaha starts, then?I stop the Coltracine and switch to Indocine (2X 50mg?twice a day- yes it is a large dose, but seems to be the only way to stop a flare semi-quickly). Can?I take both at the same time?

Thank you for any replies,


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Lisinopril and Gout

[This Lisinopril and Gout discussion moved from old forum August 2009]

My Experiences with Lisinopril and Gout

Lisinopril belongs to a group of drugs known as ACE inhibitors. These drugs are used to treat hypertension and a number of other maladies. I was put on Lisinopril approximately three weeks after my blood pressure skyrocketed to 177/99 while I was at my local clinic, causing me to collapse in to a chair. This incident was brought on by a huge sleep deficit and extremely high level of stress. After about thirty minutes, my blood pressure did fall back to 139/92 (or so), which was still above my average BP over the last three months of 127/85. The doctor that insisted that I go on Lisinopril was not my regular doctor and in fact, was quite condescending, failing to listen to a word I said to him. On my medical records, it showed that at one point last year I turned down a prescription for Lisinopril. He chastised me for this, essentially guilting me in to trying it again while I was in a much-weakened state. I tried to tell him that I HAD taken Lisinopril before and found the side effects to be unbearable. He told me it was a medicine with little to no side effects. Buuullll Shhhit!

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Allopurinol Side Effects – Remedies

Sir, I am 45 year old male suffering from Gout for last about 20 years. Whenever the Uric Acid level goes high Allopurinol is used under the supervision of a physcian. But using allopurinol leads to?profuse hair fall (Alopecia) and of late now I am also experiencing skin allergy in the form of bruising skin. Please suggest some remedy for both these side effects. Thanks

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Allopurinol and ACE inhibitors

In conjunction with my reorganization of my Allopurinol And Other Medicines pages, I have moved an old forum message here.

Please join the discussion if you have any questions, opinions, or experiences of allopurinol with other medicines for high blood pressure.

The earlier discussion started with sputnik from UK asking:

After being diagnosed last year and having had three attacks of gout I bought a uric acid monitor and presented three months of tests to the Doctor today. (Average reading 8.9mg/dl).

I said that I would like to be treated with medication that reduced the amount of uric acid rather than with anti inflammatories that I consider only mask the real problem. My father was not treated properly for years and now has kidney disease that prevents him taking allopurinol etc.

The doc agreed to treat me but prescribed sulfinpyrazone rather than allopurinol as I am also taking 10mg Ramipril daily for high BP. Apparently there is a (low) risk of allopurinol causing reactions with ACE inhibitor medication. This seems to work differently to allopurinol by increasing excretion of UA rather than reducing its production.

I have a blood test booked next week to correlate my readings with a lab result and then start the sulfinpyrazone in gradually increasing doses until reading is within normal range. All these drugs carry the risk of side effects so does anyone have more information on what is the best treatment?

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Allopurinol And Azathioprine

Allopurinol is great for gout patients, but what if you have other diseases?

Over the years, we have had several discussions about other diseases because many gout sufferers have other health problems.

One significant is the use of allopurinol for kidney transplant patients. Azathioprine (commonly sold as Imuran, or Azasan) is commonly used to control rejection of transplanted organs.

It has been said that allopurinol should be avoided for patients taking azathioprine, but there is no clear view.

I have not researched this much, as it is very specialist, but perhaps gout patients who are affected by this may share experiences or have better information.

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Taking Allopurinol, stopped Colchicine and have flare ups again??

Hi all,

I have been on a treatment of Allopurinol (300mg daily) and taking Colchicine as a supplement (0.5mg daily) for 12 months to treat my Gout. I stopped the Colchicine 3 weeks ago and in that time have had separate flare ups. Is this normal? I would have thought that the build up of Uric acid would have subsided by now. I have taken anti-inflammatory’s for the flare ups, but am concerned. I know that Allopurinal treatment will cause flare ups initially, so was wondering whether stopping the cochicine has caused the flare ups…will they stop? Should I continue with the cochicine?

Please, any advice will be much appreciated.

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Uloric Label Changes

Today I updated the Uloric prescribing information to reflect the changes to the liver warnings (hepatic effects).

Uloric has been available since 2009, and ongoing investigations have prompted an update to warnings about possible affects of Uloric on the liver.

I always maintain that it is much safer to risk rare side-effects against certain damage from untreated uric acid deposits. However, it is sensible to take precautions. Allopurinol guidelines have recently been strengthened to emphasize the need for comprehensive testing before treatment.

It is right that Uloric guidelines should also be strengthened, but I wonder if the changes are enough.

For the full details, please see my Uloric Liver Warnings Prompt Label Change article.