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[This gout weight loss discussion transferred from old forum July 2010]

Rapid Weight Loss and Elevated Uric Acid Level

How much does rapid weight loss contribute to elevated uric acid levels?

I’m 50 and have had gout flareups for about 8 years. I’ve spent the past two weeks bedridden with swollen knees, feet, and ankles. I’m finally walking around (with some pain) after getting a course of prednisone.

Anyway, this last episode was so bad that I decided finally to do something about it. I ordered a uric acid test kit, and I swore off alcohol and red meat.

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Does Medical Marijuana Help With Gout?

In tidying the old forums, I repeat the following question in it’s entirety:

Hello Everyone

I hope this subject isn’t that taboo on the forums, if the admin deems this as an unfit thread for this forums then please remove it at all costs, as I come from a legal state where I was able to get a prescription for MMJ. I am in no way advocating its use or in anyway promoting it, but I came here with some questions/thoughts and would love to get some feedback from fellow sufferers.

I have read on a few websites that cannabis mite be a possible candidate as an anti-inflammatory for arthritis, seeing as how gout is considered a form of arthritis it may seem that MMJ may be beneficial for gout sufferers. And there are other sites where it states that MMJ justs act like morphine in the sense that it helps the users forget about the pain while under the effects of marijuana.

I have noticed that when I have an attack and use MMJ it makes my joints feel more swollen/pressure than prior to consumption, but I only notice this when I try to put an pressure on the affected joint and that if I am just laying in bed it feels fine and helps takes my mind off of the attack itself. I have not noticed MMJ as a trigger for my gout, as I tend to use it on a semi-regular basis (2-3 times a week)

Whats everyones take on this? Is this something that I should avoid at all costs whether or not I am experiencing an attack or is this something that is okay to use recreationally in between attacks? Would very much like everyones feedback

I am impressed by the polite attitude, and I have no issue with discussing this topic. However, the debate has to be constructive and restricted to gout where it is legal to do so. I hate censorship, but not as much as I hate people wasting my time.

Responses to the original question include:

I have some experience with cannabis and having Gout. I find that cannabis tends to make me focus way too much on the affected area, I actually think it makes it worse and it tends to make me wreck my diet […] Short story long, cannabis is not going to help your attacks, only controlling your Uric Acid will do that

I emboldened the last sentence as I agreed with it strongly in the original discussion.

The final comment was:

Using the herbal remedy that you’re referring to can help or hurt depending on the method you use to administer it. I found that unfiltered, the smoke can cause a gout flare-up while when ingested or filtered well there is no flare-up.

This is a topic well outside my experience, so my only contribution is my earlier point about keeping the focus on getting uric acid levels safe.

If you have anything positive, interesting, or enlightening to add to this debate, please add it below.

If you prefer more widely accepted forms of gout treatment, please refer to my gout treatment pages.

Medical Marijuana - 100% Natural Narcotic
Medical Marijuana – 100% Natural Narcotic
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Two weeks and two days since starting Allopurinol

Hello Keith,

Hope you are well ?

I said I’d keep you posted on my uric acid levels so here is an up date.

I started taking 100mgs of Allopurinol on the 3rd of Sept 2012 . On the 17th, a fortnight later I had a blood test for uric acid , kidney function and liver function as you advised.

During the first two weeks of the commencement of Allopurinol?I encountered a flare up of gout ( 5 days in to be exact ) so I started Colchicine Immediately , one per day , which stopped it in its tracks.

My uric acid level before starting Allopurinol was 448 and I am delighted to say they are now down to 290 . Yippee!

I was so pleased with the result but then I was somewhat deflated when the nurse said I would need to have a liver function re test ?

I didn’t ask her why ? I just made an appointmet for retest on Wednesday.

I just hope that one will be ok ?

Thought I’d let you know.

Thanks for your help and support?Keith,



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Naproxen (Aleve) For Gout

Naproxen (often sold under the Aleve brand) is commonly used by gout sufferers to relieve gout pain.

It belongs to a class of drugs called NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs), and so it should never be taken with other NSAIDs such as ibuprofen, indomethacin, etc. NSAIDs are not gout-specific, but as gout pain is from inflammation, they are often prescribed by doctors for gout pain relief. As they are widely available OTC (Over The Counter), many gout sufferers make them the first choice for gout remedies.

The old forum had a lively discussion about naproxen for gout, but it failed to draw any conclusions about adequate dosing, or the proper place in a gout treatment plan. I want to clear this up and update my Gout Pain Treatment Guide.

The overriding situation of naproxen for gout is the same as all NSAIDs.

First, they do not affect uric acid, so even if the pain subsides (which it will do naturally after a few days), uric acid crystals will continue to form if uric acid is untreated. They will cause gout attacks that get worse, affecting more and more joints. They will cause the destruction of tendons, cartilage, and bone, effectively ruining your joints. Therefore, naproxen for gout is not a long-term solution. But can be effective for the months that it takes to make uric acid safe.

Second, all NSAIDs carry a health warning. This advises that longterm use of NSAIDs is associated with higher risk of stroke and heart disease. This risk increases with increased doses. Therefore, naproxen should never be considered a long-term solution for any pain problem, let alone gout.

Aleve (naproxen) for Gout
Have you tried Aleve (naproxen) for Gout?
For completeness, I need to know what dose of naproxen doctors are currently prescribing for gout pain relief. There is good evidence to show that doctors prescribe naproxen above the recommended OTC dose. However, the situation is confused, to the extent that Bayer has recently undertaken a clinical trial to study why people are taking more than the recommended dose of Aleve. The results are not yet available, so if you spot them before I do, please let your fellow gout sufferers know.

When replying, please be specific about the exact form of naproxen you are taking. Aleve and most other naproxen-based drugs are usually naproxen sodium. This contains naproxen, but the dose can be confusing. For example, the most common size is 220mg naproxen sodium, which equates to 200mg naproxen. Please tell me your daily dosage, and either the brand name, with size. Or the generic medicine name.

Thank you in advance for helping me to clarify facts about the dosage of naproxen for gout.

Read more about Naproxen (Aleve) For Gout

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Allopurinol Drug Recall

Allopurinol Drug Recall For Europharm's Purinol
Allopurinol Drug Recall For Europharm’s Purinol
Purinol – a brand of allopurinol manufactured by Europharm Labs of Hong Kong – has been recalled.

Tests have revealed the presence of a fungus called Rhizopus.

Shipments have been refused entry into Macoa.

The Department of Health in Hong Kong has withdrawn Purinol from sale, and is investigating other drugs manufactured by Europharm. Please note that this only affects Europharm Laboratories in Hong Kong.

The contamination appears to have occurred due to delays in the process of converting the active ingredients mixture into tablet form. It does not affect other manufacturers of allopurinol.

Patients receiving Purinol are urged to seek alternative allopurinol supplies from the clinics where there drugs where dispensed. It is vital that you do this immediately, as suspected medicines should never be used, but allopurinol should not be discontinued without the advice of your doctor.

Please check your allopurinol packaging immediately. You only need to take action if the medicine was manufactured by Europharm Labs of Hong Kong. Note that you should do this even if you live outside Hong Kong, as the drug is exported from there to other countries.

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Liver And Allopurinol Side Effects

I’m often asked about different aspects of gout treatments. Today I answered a question about allopurinol side effects. “Does allopurinol taken for gout contribute to liver damage?”, asked a reader from the USA.

Most people tolerate allopurinol well, but up to 20% can have adverse reactions.

The most serious reactions can involve liver problems. These are thought to be reversible – i.e. affected the liver recovers after allopurinol is stopped.

Reactions are usually preceded by severe itching and/or rashes. If you show these symptoms you must stop taking allopurinol immediately and consult your doctor.

Regular blood tests, including liver function tests, are an important part of allopurinol treatment. Not only will they give early warning of allopurinol side-effects, but they will also ensure that the correct dosage is being taken.

If complications occur, from reactions to treatment, from unusual blood test results, or from failure to reach safe uric acid levels (maximum 5mg/dL), treatment should be managed by a rheumatologist. There is a global listing of rheumatologists that will help you find a suitable specialist wherever you live (search for find a rheumatologist in the search box near the top and bottom of every page).

I’m always adding new information about allopurinol. You can keep up-to-date with this by subscribing to the free update service. Occasionally I will update allopurinol summaries on my main website.

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Are you careful when Starting Allopurinol?