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Walking With Gout

I have replaced this June 2011 walking with gout discussion with Should I Walk with Gout. But you can still read the old details below. But you will get better gout walking information if you follow the links in this announcement:

Walking, Swimming and Gout Update

1. Keith has updated Gout and Exercise to reduce Uric Acid to include new evidence to show that aerobic exercise for 45 days can reduce uric acid. Also, he has written new advice to answer Should I Walk with Gout.

2. I have grouped new exercise discussions for gout sufferers into the Gout and Exercise Forum. Similarly, I have created a Should I Walk with Gout Forum. So please join those discussions and add your own questions, experiences, and opinions about walking and swimming with gout.

Please remember if you want personal help with any aspect of gout, the new place to ask is GoutPal’s Gout Forum. So we look forward to chatting with you about your walking, swimming, and gout.

I am 40 years old, overweight and have a history of beer drinking, more or less a poster boy for Gout. I am now dealing with my second gout attack that has now lasted 2 weeks or more and has gone up and down as far as the pain goes but I have been “active” as far as trying to go about my normal business. I have been “walking” and somewhat mobile and basically this attack is not going away? I thought I read that I should keep moving but now I wonder if I haven’t made it worse?? So my first basic question is? Should I try and limp about or stay seated??

Sorry if this is too basic a query but after reading countless blogs and sites about what I can eat and can’t eat or drink or smell etc? My brain may as well have Gout, it’s so confusing and depressing? well everyone here knows what I’m saying.

So, should I keep pressure off my foot as much as possible or try and work through it?

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Flaxseed Oil and Gout

My only events with gout came from starting fish oil. My doctor gave me a prescription for a high quality fish oil. I immediately came down with severe gout.First time ever. I stopped taking the fish oil and received treatment. The doctor thought it was coincidence and had me restart the fish oil. We did this for a total of three times with the same results. I finally convinced him it was not a coincident. I switched to Flax seed oil and no more problems.

Gout free.

What Are Purines? Gout Diet Forum

Do You Know Any Gout Foods?

Gout foods might be important, but never in isolation.

In my explanation of the right approach to gout foods, I try to explain that there are no good gout foods, and no bad gout foods. There is only the right approach to all gout foods.

This is very hard for people to accept.

Gout sufferers are inundated with lists of foods to avoid, and occasional lists of foods that might be good for gout. I say these are dangerously misleading.

What Are Purines? Gout Diet Forum

Gout Diet Forum Introduction

The revised Gout Diet Forum is now active. I will soon transfer some old gout diet discussions into this forum.

Gout diet is the last thing you should worry about on your journey to gout freedom. That’s right! Every gout sufferer starts by worrying about food and drink, but you should not.

In fact, you should not even think about diet until you have a gout treatment plan.

Start with proper diagnosis of your symptoms so you can be certain that you do actually have gout. Get a treatment plan that ensures you set safe limits for uric acid. Eat a healthy diet, but only worry about changing it if you are failing to reach your treatment plan targets.

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Gout And Alcohol Debate

Arguments about gout and alcohol continue, and I have summarized my thoughts on the main gout information site. I am sure I need to add more detail in some areas when I have a clearer idea about the real issues that affect gout sufferers. I have recently introduced a debate about uric acid lowering treatment and alcohol, and this debate runs alongside it, as I do not want to dilute the treatment debate with remarks about alcohol consumption and gout in general.

There is never a single simple answer to stopping gout. Every gout sufferer needs to understand their own personal circumstances with respect to gout, and develop their own personal plan to deal with it. At GoutPal, we use the forums to start a plan. Then we can discuss the things that really matter with our doctors, and get the right treatment.

Alcohol And The Treated Gout Patient

The first consideration is if you are taking uric acid lowering medicine or not. So if you are taking allopurinol, febuxostat (sold under the Uloric brand in the States, and Adenuric elsewhere), probenecid or any other treatment designed to lower uric acid, please see the debate about uric acid lowering treatment and alcohol.

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Protein Rich Foods & Gout Debate

I’m currently investigating guidelines for protein rich food and gout.

‘Official’ advice seems, at best, vague, and at worst, confusing.

At this stage, I feel we may well have to develop our own guidelines in order to have meaningful guidance on how to approach protein in our gout diet management.

I am continuing my investigation into gout and protein, and I plan to add more articles shortly. However, it is important to me to look at what advice gout patients get from their medical and nutritional advisors.

Please can you help here, and share the advice you have been given. It would be useful to know which country you are in, and if possible the qualifications of the person who gave you the gout diet advice.

Please can we restrict this to dietary advice, especially where it relates to proteins. If your information is not diet related, I am still interested to learn about it, but it would be better if you found a more relevant topic in the Gout Treatment Forum, or start a new one.

Also, if you have any comments regarding my review of current protein rich foods guidelines, then please add them here.

What Are Purines? Gout Diet Forum

Don’t Get Hung Up On Gout Diet

2011 Gout Diet Restriction Update

Since writing this, I have published an article, Sensible Gout Diet Restrictions, which addresses the points I have covered here. Please read that article, and add comments below if anything is not clear

Do Not Be Ruled By Food
Thanks to chelseacharliwhite at Flickr.
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Do Not Be Ruled By Food

It often worries me how gout sufferers get hung up on their diet.

I’m not worried that it’s wrong to think about what you eat – just don’t get obsessed.

Over half of the messages I receive are about food and drink.

“What food should I eat with gout?”

“What food should I avoid with gout?”

“Will [food] make my gout worse?”

The gout sufferer’s diet questions are endless, and the gout doctor’s diet advice is monotonous.

No Alcohol. Avoid purines. Lose weight.

Not particularly bad advice, but too general to be helpful, and too restrictive to be accepted.

The real danger here is that gout patients focus on food, and not on what really matters – controlling uric acid.

It’s heartening to see that some doctors are realizing that strict low purine diets are not the right way. “In treating gout, don’t overdo diet restrictions” is a refreshing article from Dr Robert Shmerling. He does not…

recommend strict dietary modifications after an initial attack of gout.

Like me, he points out the research showing weaknesses in strict low purine diets. Significantly he continues:

these studies looked at people who had not had gout before. They did not assess the effect of diet on people who already had gout.

In a nutshell, you need to stop obsessing about specific foods. Eat a healthy varied diet that satisfies you. Enjoy what you eat, but just eat enough to maintain a healthy weight, and exercise as often as you can.

Drastic changes simply do not work, and some can make your gout worse. Small improvements every few days soon make a big difference. Most importantly, you feel better because you’re in control.

To feel even more in control, learn more about gout. When you understand how gout pain is caused, and why uric acid control is so important, you are much better placed to help yourself, and ask the right questions of your doctor.

Your added bonus is that, when you are learning about gout, it helps you to stop worrying about food.