I’m currently investigating guidelines for protein rich food and gout.

‘Official’ advice seems, at best, vague, and at worst, confusing.

At this stage, I feel we may well have to develop our own guidelines in order to have meaningful guidance on how to approach protein in our gout diet management.

I am continuing my investigation into gout and protein, and I plan to add more articles shortly. However, it is important to me to look at what advice gout patients get from their medical and nutritional advisors.

Please can you help here, and share the advice you have been given. It would be useful to know which country you are in, and if possible the qualifications of the person who gave you the gout diet advice.

Please can we restrict this to dietary advice, especially where it relates to proteins. If your information is not diet related, I am still interested to learn about it, but it would be better if you found a more relevant topic in the Gout Treatment Forum, or start a new one.

Also, if you have any comments regarding my review of current protein rich foods guidelines, then please add them here.