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Allopurinol is known the world over as the best of all gout medications to cure gout.

But many people want to avoid daily pills, and seek out a more natural approach.

Have you found natural gout cures to lower uric acid?

There are three ways to lower uric acid:

  • Block the uric acid forming enzyme xanthine oxidase (XO)
  • Encourage excretion of uric acid (uricosuric)
  • Convert uric acid to harmless allantoin (uricase)

Natural XO Inhibition Gout Cures

Non-medical gout cures that inhibit xanthine oxidase production can be thought of as natural allopurinol. In the Gout Cures pages, I refer to morin, which is found in figs and mulberry tea.

Natural Uricosuric Gout Cures

Non-medical gout cures that have a uricosuric action can be thought of as natural probenecid. In the Gout Cures pages, I refer to milk protein. In actual fact, all proteins are uricosuric, but most animal proteins contain more purines that convert to uric acid than the extra uric acid excretion they encourage. In fact, any purine-free protein should encourage uric acid excretion. Do you know of any other purine-free proteins?

Natural Uricase Gout Cures

The default setting for most animals is to produce a natural enzyme called uricase that causes uric acid to convert to harmless allantoin. Though humans have lost this ability through evolution, our digestive tract does contain organisms that retain the ability to convert uric acid.

I do not know of any gout products related to that. However, we have had discussions of a clay called montmorillonite, which may lower uric acid in the blood by encouraging it to seep into the gut where it can be broken down or excreted.

Your Natural Gout Cures

Do you have any experience of lowering uric acid using preparations from natural products? Please share your experiences below.

For more information about this type of gout treatment, please see the Natural Gout Cures To Lower Uric Acid guidelines.