I have started tidying the gout cures pages, and looked for updates on the resveratrol research.

Unfortunately, though there are more studies showing that resveratrol can lower uric acid, the studies are still on animals. I was rather hoping that some human studies would be available by now.

So far, I have found nothing. if you see anything, please let me know below.

Along the way, I found an interesting list of foods containing resveratrol. Here is the list from “Concentrations of resveratrol and derivatives in foods and estimation of dietary intake in a Spanish population.”

I have simplified the list to show total resveratrol, ignoring the components.:

Resveratrol source mg/100g
Wine (unspecified) 0.558
Red wine 0.847
Rose wine 0.307
White wine 0.074
Sparkling wine 0.092
Fortified wine 0.386
Grape (unspecified) 0.223
Red grape 0.310
White grape 0.093
Must 0.547
Grape juice 0.088
Peanuts, toasted 0.006
Pistachios, toasted 0.007
Peanut butter 0.080
Cranberry juice trace
Berries 0.008
Itadotri tea (infusion) 0.974

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