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    Hi, Please give some concern to my case.

    Iam having continuous pain in my wrist from about 2 years ago (No Swelling) just pain, so i went to Dr and he said that i have GOUT because my (uric acid) were “445 mg”, and he gave me a medicine and told me that im going to have kidney's failure if i didnt take it!!!!!

    by the way i have hereditary (G6PD) which is really hereditary  and normal to me which will not make me suffer.

    I went to search and found that there is a relationship between “G6Pd” and the “hight uric acid” which leads to gout.

    Please Iam so confused, do i really have gout and going to sufer from kidney failure and manythings. Or is it normal case caused by my G6PD and i will not suffer.


    So that we can help you better, please tell us exactly which medicine you have been subscribed.

    Also, assuming that you are G6PD deficient, what is the link  that you have found between G6PD-deficiency and high uric acid? As far as I am aware, there is no such link.



    Summary  The concentration of serum-uric-acid (S.U.A.) was determined by a colorimetric method in 1010 male subjects from northern Thailand (710 recruits, 300 prisoners). S.U.A. levels were compared with several constitutional and genetic factors. Body-weight, glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency and haemoglobin E do not seem to influence S.U.A. concentration in this population.

    No link to high uric acid found either. But your 445 mg. uric acid (presumably European molar measurement) corresponds to a high 7.5 mg./dL and if a doctor said you have gout, then you really need to be on a treatment plan to lower your serum uric acid by 20% or more (no matter how it's measured.) Keeping your mumbers below 6.0 or 355 will insure that no further damage occurs.

    (On that hereditary deficiency, you might consider avoiding beans like the plague but then you probably know that.)


    Hi, about the medicine, i  took (zyloric) .. just one course.

    And about the relationship between G6PD and uric acid,  i have read it in a site as down …..

    (Uric acid becomes elevated if it is produced too much by the body or the kidneys don’t excrete it out enough. Purine overproduction leads to high uric acid, and there are many things that cause this including: alcohol, red meat, seafood, fructose, obesity, certain cancers, psoriasis, G6PD deficiency, B12 deficiency, certain medications. Underexcretion of uric acid include: chronic kidney disease, lead poisoning, DKA, hypothyroidism, hyperparathyroidism, and certain medications.)…

    And No matter if there is relationship or not, i thought there are many reasons for 'wrist pain' as all knows, and many people has high level of uric acid and doesn't suffer from gout right ?!

    my dr just measured my uric acid to tell me that i have  gout, why should i believe that!!

    i dont have any  joints's pain in my whole body exept my wrist, i dont have Swelling, i dont have any symptoms just a normal pain in my wrist whenever i push it ( like doing pushup)….. got me??

    Do  i have to take the medicine just in case of the high uric asid, to lower it down, if that's the reason i will….. But how come he ( the dr )  tells me that im going to lose my kidneys or ……. .

    by the way im 25 years old.       

    Thanks for your patience


    Hi Ammar,

    Thank you for the extra information.

    Zyloric is allopurinol, which needs to be taken daily in the case of gout.

    Quite rightly, you question if you have gout. I think you need to get this confirmed by a rheumatologist. He will draw fluid from the joint, and check it for uric acid crystals.

    There is another possible explanation.

    Though there is no direct link between G6PD defficiency and high uric acid, there is an indirect link. G6PD defficiency can cause low glucose levels (hypoglycemia) and this can cause high uric acid levels. The answer to this is not to take medicine to lower uric acid, but to take something to maintain glucose levels. This is vital in G6PD deficient patients, as low glucose is also responsible for severe anemia (hemolysis).

    This is way beyond my knowledge and needs the attention of a properly qualified medical expert.

    You need to take advice on your glucose levels, and see if, by raising glucose level to the top end of the normal range, you can reduce uric acid.

    If that does not work, then you may well need to continue with allopurinol to get your uric acid down to around 350.


    my dr just measured my uric acid to tell me that i have  gout, why should i believe that!!

    You will have to find a dooctor whom you WILL believe.

    A good rule of thumb that most doctors will use is that if you have several attacks in a year or two crippling attacks involving the bunion joint of the big toe along with a high uuric acid THEN you will start on medications. One sore wrist is probably not a good reason to start lifelong medication. I started my medication after my 4th attack, all of which put me on crutches.


    GoutPal said:
        He will draw fluid from the joint, and check it for uric acid crystals.

        This is way beyond my knowledge and needs the attention of a properly qualified medical expert.

    First of all, thank you very much for your concern.

    About checking for crystals in the joint (i don't have this type of test in my country).

    Iam really thinking about visiting a qualified medical expert, (WHAT TYPE OF DOCTOR'S SPECIALIZATION DO I HAVE TO SEEK ADVICE FROM)…..??


    For gout, a rheumatologist is the specialist. That link will help you find one, or check with your nearest hospital. Your IP address suggests you are in Jordan, and the rheumatologist finder lists 2 – 1 in Amman and 1 in Irbid.

    A rheumatologist will also carry out joint fluid tests. The test does not need special equipment, other than a polarizing microscope.

    I am still not convinced that you have gout. You really need to get your blood sugar levels checked, and any doctor should be able to do that.



    Can you just go into a drugstore/pharmacy and buy colchicine without seeing a doctor?


    Really thank you Mr GoutPal about all assistance u gave to me, you and Mr zip2play, thanks for the useful site. im writing down their mobile's numbers and will call them as soon as i can.

    Mr zip2play after all i didn't get you will, what about going and buy colchicin!  anyway I'll ask about it and try.


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