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    hi 🙂

    I’m 21 and i have gout its been confirmed by 7 blood tests because my doctors didn’t believe it could be gout because I’m female, 21 and i have no history of it in my family so they are still having a fight about it because they still seem to think it cant be what it is anyways the question i have is there any alternative to allopurinol because i really don’t want to take it because of the ties it has to Steven-Johnson Syndrome and you have to stay away with people with colds and other illness and that really isn’t a option for me

    So if anyone can help i would be so so grateful because at the moment i am just living with the attacks until I can find a solution and my doctor is a idiot thank you NHS


    im not quite sure why it started two threads but it did so what can i say 🙂

    i dont know why he wouldnt share it it may be because he is an idiot is what im guessing i had xrays taken and at the moment there is no joint damage in my toes but there is starting to be joint damage in my hip

    im going back to see the doctor on thursday and i will ask for my gout levels and then i will know how bad it is/was


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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