This is a repeat call for members in the US to take up the offer of free colchicine kindly donated by a recovering gout patient who no longer needs it, and kindly distributed by an American gout patient who wants to help you.

The relevant information from previous discussions is:

thanks to a compassionate goutie from Ireland. He gave me 8 packs with 20 pills of 1.0 mg Colchicine to be given away to a needy (without insurance) goutie here in the States. Each pill is individually sealed, has never been touched by a human hand, and ONE pill is almost as much as 2 US pills, being 0.6 mg.

Rather than giving all 160 pills to just one goutie, I prefer that 4 get the benefit of 40 pills each. (WE are looking here at a total of ~$1350 if purchased.)

If you think you qualify, please, ask Keith Taylor to send me your email address so that we may converse freely concerning a possible transfer.

You can ask me by adding a reply below. Please do not put your email address in the Reply box – I will find it from your Profile, which can only be seen by you, and GoutPal website administrators.

I would also be interested to receive replies from people who currently buy colchicine in the USA, but do feel they can accept this offer. Are there reasons why you do not want this gift?


  • Steve Garvey

    Hi,I am just in the process of getting back onto allopurinol 300 mlg a day,for re occuring bouts of gout.Colchicine will help me greatly in this quest,my uric acid levels were very high and i am expecting interim flare ups on the way to some sort of freedom.I would be very greatful if you can spare some,kind regards,steve.

    • Thanks Steve,

      I have passed your email address on to Hans, and I am sure he will be in touch soon.

      Good luck with the allopurinol. Please be sure to get blood tests and make sure you get uric acid down to 5mg/dL or below. I can provide the relevant rheumatologists guidelines if you need the proof of why this is important.

  • hansinnm

    Steve needs to provide current email address since my message could not be delivered.

    “Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.

    ~Email address provided by Steve~
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  • I have been in touch with Nancy who has contributed to the colchicine/Colcrys debate in the past.

    Her reply is positive, but has questions I cannot answer:

    I can get the colchicine to several folks who can use them. What brand are they? We are finding some brands are better for some folks than other brands. I have been using the Turkish brand recently and find that I can reduce the dosage with that, lowering side effects. I, personally, can’t take Colcrys, the American brand as I have flares w/ that kind. We don’t know why yet but are working on finding out.

    I will reply pointing her to this discussion, and cc Hans so you can also correspond directly.

  • I understand from behind-the-scenes correspondence with Hans, that some of the donated colchicine is on it’s way to help people with FMF, via Nancy, who has contributed here in the past.

    I also understand that there is still some left for those who need it. All you have to do is indicate that you are interested, and I will pass your email address to Hans (please do not post it in the forum – I will see it as site Admin). Please remember this is USA only.

  • Swapnil Shah

    Hello Keith,

    I am in Kingston, NY.
    I would like to get some of the donated colchicine. You can pass my email address to Hans

    [edit: email address removed.Please do not post email addresses in the forum – it attracts spammers]

    • C’mon Swapnil,

      How about giving a little something to the forum first? You do not need to know anything much about gout, just join in some of the other discussions, or start some new ones.

      Even when you ask questions, about colchicine, or about any other aspect of gout, it helps other gout sufferers. They see the questions, and realize they are not suffering alone. They see the answers, and get help without even having to ask.

      If you have questions about colchicine, please ask here or one of the other colchicine discussions. If it’s about something else, best to search first before asking.

  • Swapnil Shah

    Sorry Keith,

    I read regularly. Thanks for the wealth of Information.

    What are the advantages/disadvantages of colchicine versus alluporinol / indomethacin.


    • First off, allopurinol is different. It is part of the long-term treatment plan for gout that permanently removes all risk of gout pain. There are several ways to do this. Allopurinol is the easiest and most common way, but all rely on maintaining uric acid no higher than 5mg/dL.

      It can take many months for this to happen, or you may fall into the group of gout sufferers who do not want to prevent permanent joint damage. In either case, pain relief is necessary.

      Colchicine is best, but needs to be taken at the first sign of an attack, or daily as a preventative. It is not a pain-reliever, but it stops inflammation spreading. If inflammation has already taken hold, a couple of colchicine will stop it getting worse, but will not reduce existing inflammation. For that, you need indomethacin, or another NSAID such as ibuprofen, naproxen, etc. They will reduce inflammation and stop pain in a few hours. If you cannot wait, your doctor or pharmacist can advise a safe analgesic that will give you the perfect pain control combo.

      There’s loads about this in my gout treatment pages, starting at

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