Today I updated the Uloric prescribing information to reflect the changes to the liver warnings (hepatic effects).

Uloric has been available since 2009, and ongoing investigations have prompted an update to warnings about possible affects of Uloric on the liver.

I always maintain that it is much safer to risk rare side-effects against certain damage from untreated uric acid deposits. However, it is sensible to take precautions. Allopurinol guidelines have recently been strengthened to emphasize the need for comprehensive testing before treatment.

It is right that Uloric guidelines should also be strengthened, but I wonder if the changes are enough.

For the full details, please see my Uloric Liver Warnings Prompt Label Change article.

Uloric Prescribing Information

I do not wish to be alarmist about the changes. There is little change to the overall safety profile of Uloric, but prescribing recommendations are different. This indicates to me that some doctors are not taking the care that they should when prescribing Uloric.

Hans has made the point that liver function tests should be part of the standard follow-up for anyone on Uloric. I support that, and I extend it to allopurinol.

Now we have a situation where the regular follow-up recommendation in the original guidelines is replaced by a recommendation that puts the onus on the gout patient to report suspicions about liver damage.

That can’t be right!

I’m interested in the opinions of people receiving or about to receive Uloric. Are there any views from the medical profession?

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