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The Gout Blog entries listed below are Flagged For Review. Articles are flagged for review if they meet any of these criteria:

  • Not reviewed for 10 years. (I aim to reduce this to review old articles more frequently).
  • Improvements noted by visitors.
  • Missing information noted by me or other review staff.
    • In addition, pages from Gout Guidelines are also regularly reviewed. Current pages to review are:
      Uric Acid Test Kit
      Page description not set.

      Articles that are flagged for review are included in GoutPal’s Suggestion Box. They remain there until the article is republished, or redirected. You can add comments in the Suggestion Box to improve the information for you. You can influence the priority for action by marking Suggestions as your Favorite.

      Have you see other GoutPal pages that should be improved? Please add your ideas in the Suggestion Box.

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    Information on this website is provided by a fellow gout sufferer (Keith Taylor) with an accountant's precision for accurate data. But no medical qualifications. So you must seek professional medical advice about gout and any other health matters.

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