As passes another birthday milestone, I’m starkly aware that many pages are stuck in the old website format.

I’ve committed myself to moving or upgrading all the old pages as my top priority. This will make it much easier to find the right information, and hopefully help contributors to the gout forum find better answers quicker.

Logically, I should start with uric acid, then gout symptoms, gout treatment, gout diet, finishing with gout related and any other stragglers. However, it is clear to me that, except for gout diet, most visitors are seeking the best cure for their gout. Therefore, I’m determined that February will become Gout Treatment month, when I complete the transfer and upgrade of all gout cure, remedy, or relief pages.

These will be in the subsections:

I also plan to integrate the gout cures forum more closely with my gout treatment explanation & advice pages, as well as offering a more streamlined answer service for those who want to avoid long, varied discussions. Not that there is much wrong with most gout forum discussions, but sometimes people just want a quick answer to an issue on a page.

I’ve deliberately left gout diet for now, as it really is not as important to gout sufferers as they are frequently led to believe. Yes, it has it’s place in gout management, but only when you have a comprehensive gout assessment to support your gout diagnosis, and a correctly phased gout treatment plan. So, looking ahead, once all the pages are correctly filed in their new home, I’ll focus on the pathway each individual has to take to find their own Gout Freedom.

As the gout forum forms such a small (though extremely important) part of my services, I’m reluctantly going to have to spend much less time there as I complete the long overdue upgrade process. If you feel something needs my attention – either because it is wrong, or because points remain unanswered, please use the Report Post button, where you can add comments to me.

Finally, as it’s birthday month, I’m determined to find a place on the new site for one of my first pages – the gout song (Gout Odious Gout). I’m beginning to wonder though, with 6 more years of gout experience, whether I’ll have to update the lyrics.


  • Ane ZR

    Dear Keith,

    Many thanks for your page. It is really helpful and encourages us to keep fighting. We are not alone.

    May I ask you if you are aware of any Uric Acid Meter that does NOT NEED using strips? My dad has a glucose meter without strips so I thought it may exist to measure uric acid.

    Please let me know as soon as you can.

    Many thanks


    • Sorry Ane, but there is no uric acid test meter available to the general public that can test uric acid without strips.

      In any event, I always recommend that gout patients get uric acid tested by their doctor, unless they have exceptional circumstances. This might be convenience, or a desire for more frequent testing than is available from the doctor. If that is the case, home uric acid testers are useful, despite the ongoing expense of test strips, but you have to be very methodical in your personal uric acid test routine.

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