I am adding new personal gout treatment management tools here on GoutPal Interactive.

As I wrote earlier today, there are 3 simple steps to a good gout treatment plan.

I will add a personal gout symptoms assessment tool for swollen joint sufferers who are unsure if they have gouty arthritis or some other form of arthritis. Confirmed gout patients probably will not need this, but they may benefit from the other tools.

I will add a personal gout treatment management tool for gout patients to set goals and monitor progress. Many gout sufferers, and even some healthcare workers, get confused about correct gout treatment. Maintaining uric acid at safe levels is vital. Finding the best pain relieving combination for the first few weeks or months of uric acid lowering gives the gout sufferer a quality of life that allows them to work, rest, and play unhindered. Managing gout treatment is the core of successful gout management. All gout patients need this tool, but some may still be concerned about food and drink.

I will add a personal gout diet planning tool for gout sufferers who worry about what they eat and drink. This will allow you to assess gout diet and it’s relationship with your gout treatment plan. Good gout diet planning will allow gout patients to consider lower doses of medication. Some may even be able to rely on diet alone.

You can read more on the 3 simple gout treatment page.



    Urcinol , unfortunately did not work for me.. Also I regulated my Uric acid levels to where they are supposed to be and I still get GOUT attacks.
    My question is , WHY ???

    • There are two possibilities.

      1. Has someone misled you about where uric acid levels are supposed to be? For anyone who has ever had a gout attack, 5mg/dL is the safe maximum. 6 used to be considered the maximum, but professional rheumatologists now recommend 5 to allow for natural fluctuation. More and more general practice doctors are moving towards the 5mg/dL standard. Unfortunately some idiots still accept 7 or even 8 as safe, when in truth, anything above 6.5 is almost certain to bring on an attack.

      2. In the early months of uric acid lowering treatment, we can still get gout attacks from crystals in their partially dissolved state. The best way to stop this is to go for maximum dose of uric acid lowering medication for a few months, then slowly relax the dose after 6 months pain-free. Reduce dose slowly, testing all the time, then stay at a dose that maintains uric acid no higher than 5mg/dL.

  • Roger

    Hello Keith, thanks for taking a personal interest.
    Following my last post I read in GoutPal that in addition to uric acid tests I should have liver function as well as Kidney tests.
    In my case these were blood tests with the following results which I received today.
    U and E of 0.14
    Uric acid of 0.14 mmol/l
    S-Potassium, S-Urea and S-Creatinine, eGFR all within normal levels

    gGt, Alt and AST all normal

    Total Cholesterol a little high at 5.85 mmol/l

    So it seems that I would also keep a Rheumatologist at bay. for now.
    The good news is that in the last few days one tophus has visibly reduced and maybe also a second. Also the creakiness in the knees and fingers seems to have reduced.
    So maybe following GoutPal has started to bear fruit.

    I will continue 900 mg/ Allopurinol and see what happens.

    If I can get back to this page I will keep you informed.
    Thank you

    • Great news, Roger.

      I try to take a personal interest in everyone who visits here, though some I would personally be interested in kicking 😉

      I have seen various reports on the time it takes to reduce tophi. Time varies from months to years, and it is quite difficult to assess properly. Measuring size with calipers is the accepted method, but how do you measure urate density? One persons newly-formed tophi seems likely to dissolve much faster than the next gout patient with years of hardening.

      Amidst all the variation, there is one constant – the lower you get your uric acid, the faster you resolve tophi. In that respect, you are doing as much as you can to get gout in full control.

      A search for Lower Faster in the box above or below reveals the evidence. On that note, I found your original post by searching for Roger. That may work if you have trouble getting here.

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