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Flaxseed Oil and Gout

My only events with gout came from starting fish oil. My doctor gave me a prescription for a high quality fish oil. I immediately came down with severe gout.First time ever. I stopped taking the fish oil and received treatment. The doctor thought it was coincidence and had me restart the fish oil. We did this for a total of three times with the same results. I finally convinced him it was not a coincident. I switched to Flax seed oil and no more problems.

Gout free.

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Gout Home Remedies Debate

This Gout Home Remedies discussion marks progress on reorganizing the Gout Diet Section and Improving The Gout Forum. There is an overlap between food and drink topics, and aspects of diet that can form part of your Gout Treatment.

Gout Home Remedies are food or drink products that can help relieve gout pain.

If our gout treatment plan is at a stage where pain relief is still important, natural products can often help.

Which home remedies give you some gout pain relief?

Although we must control uric acid to control gout, it can take several weeks to get uric acid down to a safe level, and several months to dissolve sufficient old uric acid crystals to remove the risk of an acute gout flare. In the meantime, we need a reliable gout treatment, or selection of treatments, to help minimize and cope with gout pain.

To distinguish the different types of treatment, my gout home remedies pages explain natural pain relief products. Medical treatments, and natural treatments to manage other aspects of gout are discussed elsewhere in the Gout Treatment section.

Gout Remedies Forum For Gout Treatment

Is Ural Powder For Gout Safe?

Please see the discussion in the comments below about Ural sachet for gout.

Because this started as a discussion about baking soda for gout. But we now know that supplementing diet with baking soda or sodium bicarbonate can be bad for your health. Especially if you have raised blood pressure, which is common in gout sufferers