Yesterday, I was so busy I forgot that most natural remedy for gout – water.
I think I’ve averted a disaster, but only just.

I was preparing next week’s newsletter and completely lost track of time. Delaying lunch for two hours probably didn’t do me too much good (check out the free gout diet launch in my newsletter), but I think the worst thing I did was forgetting to drink water.

I couldn’t believe my luck when I first discovered this natural remedy for gout. When I got used to drinking the relatively large amounts involved, I found I could eat just about anything, in moderation, and have no ill effects. The secret is to always have a glass or bottle of water at hand, and drink fairly constantly throughout the day. Treat the extra trips to the bathroom as a free exercise bonus.

I don’t like to be too specific about the volume you should drink. Much will depend on your size, the weather, and your level of activity. A rough guide is 5 liters per day, which is 11 US pints or 9 UK pints (rounded up for good measure). Drink more if you like – as long as the water is good quality, it won’t harm you 2 to 3 liters (see comments). Be careful with mineral water and check the label for chemical composition so that you don’t take too much. Other beverages such as tea, milk, fruit juice can form part of the 3 liters. The best guide to tell if you are drinking enough of this natural remedy for gout, is that your urine should be almost clear.

When I noticed that the aches and pains were more than to be expected from a day hunched over the keyboard, I immediately drank plenty of water. I’ve got to admit to one or two twinges this morning, but nothing like as bad as I’ve had in the past.

What are your experiences of this natural remedy for gout? Please comment below.


  • Mark

    A rough guide is 5 liters per day, which is 11 US pints or 9 UK pints (rounded up for good measure).

    Don’t do it, unless you want to replace your kidneys in few years.
    #1 Most of the gout suffers are overweight and have slightly higher or high blood pressure, which already put additional pressure on kidney, they (kidneys) are struggling to function normally and you adding additional load on it, plus pressure on your heart too.
    5 liter a day (juice not included) it’s just insane period and more than that
    could be lethal (kidney failure)

    #2 It’s not the quantity but the what you drink is important. Most bottled and top water comes out in 5.7-6.4 PH level only few are little bit higher of 6.7 PH which is still slightly ACIDIC or somewhat Neutral. It’s not going to disposal nor remove any acid from the body. If you drink 1 L (40oz) Orange Juice (or Cherry Juice) a day that would help to disposal your urine acid much more than water. Also you can use PH drops (or just add Lemon Juice) or Alkaline water instead. that would help too. I’m not saying don’t drink water.
    I’m saying it’s simply crazy to drink 5L a day! 2-3 liter a day (Juice included!!!) more than enough. Think about your kidney they need rest too! Exercise is good but try to exercise 24/7 nonstop and you’ll die. Orange Juice has high potassium (lowering a blood pressure) and it’s can disposal your UA.
    Never overdo it. Stay healthy.

  • Good points!

    There is increasing evidence to suggest that tea, coffee, milk and oranje juice can all be helpful to gout sufferers. I will be adding some reports to soon.

    How do you stay hydrated?

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