We often wonder, is gout inherited?

I’m working on guidelines for inherited gout. We often call this hereditary gout or genetic gout. For the moment, the best factual information is Is Your Gout Hereditary?. This, and similar information form the basis of my Gout Symptoms Guidelines, especially Why do I have Gout?.

We can see that gout is often, but not always, inherited. Obviously, you cannot change your parents. But you should understand what hereditary gout means for you. Therefore, note we have three interchangeable terms (hereditary gout, genetic gout, and inherited gout). Then use the search box at the top of the page to search for each of these terms. Or, do a combined search by copying hereditary gout|genetic gout|inherited gout into the search box.

Is gout hereditary?

The is gout hereditary question is best answered at Is Your Gout Hereditary. This proves that gout can be an inherited disease. However, they may not help your unique situation.

Ask questions in the gout forums about your unique situation. You need to determine if your gout is hereditary or environmental. Usually, it is a combination of both.

If your gout is inherited, you need to act fast to control it. This means developing a plan to make your uric acid safe. Ask in the forums for help with a personal treatment plan. This can include discussions with your doctor about medicines as well as diet improvements. In an ideal world, I advise you speak to your doctor about tests to see if your inherited gout affects uric acid production or excretion. There are lots of factors to consider, so it’s best to start your quest for a personal gout management plan immediately.

Is Your Gout Inherited?

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