Prompted by a recent request to improve my gout support services I have improved my gout discussion guidelines, and added extra information to make it clearer how you should complain, request extra services, or suggest service improvements. All these aspects of discussing how to use my websites are covered here, so whenever I use the term improvements, I include complaints and suggestions.

Please note that this is about the content of the site and how to find it, or how to contribute to discussions in the best way. It is not about specific gout diet, treatment, or diagnosis/symptoms. However, if you see information on the site which you think is wrong, or can be improved, then you can discuss those issues here.

Please read the Gout Support Service Improvements guidelines before you ask your question or add your comments.

Leave the Gout Support Service Improvements Debate to browse other Using GoutPal forum posts.

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  • I have revived this old gout support service improvement topic to mark the early stages of completion for a simplified gout forum.

    Please complete your free subscription to the Gout Forum Update service to stay informed about gout forum changes. The subscription form is to the right.

    I have started with service improvements (the Using GoutPal forum), and I will do Symptoms, Treatment, and Diet next.

    At the moment, the Gout Forums menu links to old discussions, but I will soon move these to the newer style, and cull some of the very old posts. You can join in these old discussions if they are relevant to you, and I will continue to improve the links that allow you to start new discussions.

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