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Gout Diet & Protein

You have clicked a link to an external gout diet resource to provide background information on protein as part of the Monitoring Protein In Gout Diet discussion.

I encourage links to good gout diet resources, in order that we can collectively improve our knowledge, and to improve the quality of the gout diet section on, which is a free resource for gout sufferers covering all aspects of gout.

Gout Diet & Protein Resource Assessment

I believe resource uses information from a reliable source, however I have not checked if it reflects current information, as it does not state (at the time of writing) what date the information was extracted from the source, or what version it is.

You can visit the original site by copying the title of this page into your browser address box. I do not provide a direct link as I feel there are better sources for this gout diet & protein information, as explained after the preview.

Gout Diet & Protein Resource Preview

More Gout Diet & Protein Information

The data is sourced from USDA ( It is available as Excel (abbreviated info) or Access (full info), and I can probably help if you need any other format. The data is used by many diet related resources, where it is often presented in a better way than by the table previewed above. The best implementation I have found for this data is at, and I will review that resource soon.

External Links Explanation

I am evolving my policy on external sites to encourage links to high quality resources, without misleading or wasting the time of readers. Please let me know your thoughts on this policy.

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