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    gajendra farswan

    Sir please tell me how i cure my gout problem.i suffered 6-8 gout attack .first it attack on toe joint but this time it at ankle joint little bit pain on my finger joint uric acid is 8mg doctor prescription to take father was also gout patient.

    Sir tell me how i cure it what deit i take and medicine or treatment i should do??

    Keith Taylor

    Gajendra, thank you for your email. I’ve posted your question to this forum. This is where I usually provide gout help, and I will also respond to your email directly.

    The colchicine that your doctor has prescribed will help to reduce the amount of gout pain that you suffer. However, it is often not enough alone, and it does nothing to stop your gout returning.

    I can help you with a better pain control package that will stop your gout pain, but we also have to get your uric acid from 8mg/dL down to 5 or lower.

    The best way to start this is for you to Log in here and add your facts to your Personal Gout Profile.

    I notice from your email that you are a Google account holder. That makes it very easy for you to use GoutPal. All you have to do is click the Google icon near the top right of each page. It is the middle of the 7 social log-in buttons where it says “Connect to GoutPal with:” Once you are successfully logged in, the log-in buttons disappear.

    After you Log in, your welcome page appears that contains your Personal Gout Profile. You can also view and edit your profile using the dropdown menu that appears at the top of the screen once you are logged in.

    It is a good habit to update your profile weekly, and post in the forums at least three times a week. You can post questions about your gout, and also share opinions and experiences. That way, I get to know more about you, and I can tailor my advice to your specific needs.

    I can see from your first email that your father had gout. That means your gout is most likely to be hereditary. You cannot avoid hereditary gout, but you can control gout with your choice from a range of lifestyle changes and medicines. The most important thing to me is to get your uric acid safe. However, you need to tell me how you prefer to do it. In your Personal Gout Profile, tick the boxes that apply to you where I ask:
    Uric acid treatment preferences (check any that apply) *
    ❑ Pharmaceutical Medicine  ❑ Natural Medicine  ❑ Lifestyle Changes

    If you prefer diet improvements, I need to know a lot more about you before I can give relevant advice. If you want good gout diet advice, I need to know your height and weight. I need to know how active you are. I need to know what you eat in a typical day, your favorite foods, and any foods you don’t like.

    I hope this helps you get started here. I look forward to helping you get a personal gout treatment plan that works for you. This can take a few weeks, but it will stop gout from ever troubling you again.


    Because I prefer all my dealings to be open, this is the private response I referred to above:

    Thank you Gajendra for your email.

    I usually provide gout support in my gout forum. Therefore, I have posted your question there, and I’ve responded to it. You can see this at

    In my response, I have explained the basics of using my gout forum to create your own Personal Gout Profile. We can then discuss your profile in the forum and you can create your own gout treatment plan. It is very important that your plan is created specially for you. There is no such thing as a standard gout treatment plan. It has to be tailored to suit each individual gout patient.

    All of the above is completely free of charge. However, it must be done in public so that I can earn money from advertising. If you wish to pay for private gout consultancy, please let me know your budget, and I will suggest some private services that suit your gout and your pocket.

    Thank you again for your interest in my gout support services.
    Take Care

    gajendra.farswan farswan

    My height is 165cm&weight is 57kg,
    Normal routine food in brkfast is chapati,sabji(vegetables) in lunch rice ,dal etc at dinner chapati sabji rice dal
    My fav food is chicken & i love to eat chochoalate ,sweat iteam

    I’m also little bit lazzy and i love to lay in bed in my leisure time.

    Keith Taylor

    OK, according to my BMI Tables For Gout Sufferers:

    the [BMI] calculation is very simple – weight(kg) divided by height squared (m2)

    So, your BMI is 57/1.65/1.65 = 20.9. This is just below normal weight, so your weight is not posing an extra gout risk. Everything you have said so far suggests that diet is not causing your gout. It is almost certainly hereditary, though if you want to be certain, you need to arrange blood tests for excess iron, lead, and other toxins.

    I’ll assume that you need uric acid lowering medicine. The sooner you start, the better. Allopurinol is usually the first choice. The first question for any gout patient who is considering uric acid is to ask if any of your ancestors are Han Chinese, Thai, or Korean?

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