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    I am carrying out a survey of gout sufferers who have had their blood tested for uric acid. My first survey is for tests in a lab, managed by your doctor, or other medical professional. I am working on a similar survey for people who use home tests.

    Please can you help me by completing the survey at


    You have to be logged in, but your log-in information is not stored. You have to copy that link, and paste it into your browser address box. I'm keeping the survey private for GoutPal Interactive members at the moment, so I can assess any feedback, and see if I need to improve it.

    There is a comment box included at the end of the survey in which you can include any suggestions for improving the survey. You can also post your comments here if you wish.

    I am collecting this information specifically to support a campaign that I will be launching soon aimed at improving uric acid testing procedures. I will be posting (a lot) more information about this soon. Good survey data will ensure that the campaign has a solid, factual, foundation.


    The survey, along with one for home test users is now at Uric Acid Blood Test Debate


    Sorry guy,

    The questions and answerability are incomprehensible.


    Keith (Gout Admin) said:

    The survey, along with one for home test users is now at Uric Acid Blood Test Debate

    Keith, I have to agree with Zip. There is something basically wrong with your survey. I had answered some questions before and went back today to follow up. I had answered Q. 1-3 but not 4 the first time and today I answered Q.4. I should not have been able to do that since 2 & 3 cover 4. And the number of answers don't jive with the number of total answers given. As Zip said: “The questions and answer-ability are incomprehensible.”

    I just went back and voted again the same way I did before. I am sorry I am screwing up your survey. But you better find out rather NOW than LATER that your survey has been tampered with.

    To have any credibility for your survey you need (must) know who the person is who gave the info. And you got to have a built-in device to prohibit multiple times of voting.

    I, for one, would not trust anyone who NEVER visited your forum and contributed some kind of comment relating to his/her experience with gout. I would accept members who don't have gout but are speaking for their mates, parents, or siblings.


    Absolutely correct, my friends.


    I'm pretty good at pointing out the stupidity of a system that bases treatment and diagnosis on mathematical averages. I'm pretty useless at developing a campaign to put that right, so I am putting my campaign on hold. I'll leave it for someone else, as I amuse myself by thinking about similar situations in other walks of life, or indeed other branches of medicine.


    Intensive care specialist: We've compiled averages of the injuries sustained by a 12 foot fall onto concrete. 2 skull fractures, 3 spine fractures and a knee fracture are well within the normal distribution, therefore our diagnosis is that you haven't really fallen, and we will not be treating you further.


    Anyone got any more?


    How about:


    It has been shown that 35% of fatal car injuries involve alcohol,

    SO in order to reduce your chance of a fatal car injury make sure you are pretty wasted when you drive?

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