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    Thanks for the replies, guys.

    Veg Guy, you may be right – I may yet end up on 300mg. I prefer to take things steady though. I haven't had a flare since starting on Allop and note from the forum that sometimes those who increase dosage quickly do. I certainly didn't want to do that while overseas; now I'm home I'm happy to increase, though realise geetting to the correct dosage may take a little time.

    Utubelite, thanks for posting your figures. They would suggest that the increased dosage should get me regularly under 6mg/dl. Whether it is sufficient to get low enough we'll have to wait and see. If not, I'll increase again.

    Will keep you posted.


    zip, I'd be interested in knowing about your “9 day attack of podagra from Hell” if you're willing to share it.

    Well it started at 5 AM, a very common time. I found I could barely step on my foot to go to the bathroom (almost “en suite.”) Since this was similar to about 4 earlier attacks, I figured 3 day of pain and I dug out the crutches. For the earlier atttacks in my instep and ankle I had not yet made the gout connection…young and stupid but also not in the most common joint.

    As the first and second days progressed it was clear that nothing could be put on my right foot and swinging the foot with crutches was too painful so I took to my bed the second day (if memory serves.) I took everything in the medicine chest including ibuprofen, acetomenophen with codeine, aspirin (later fouind to be a big no-no,) phenobarbitol, librium. Nothing worked. I could not bear anything but the lightest sheet covering my foot and just changing position was horrible. To go to the bathroom I had to crawl  on my hands and  knees, keeping my right foot elevated behing me, VERY careful not to bump it. That was so difficult that I switched to a hospital style pee bottle…and tried to hold the rest in until I HAD to make the hallway crawl.

    My right bunion joint was purple and the front half of my foot badly swollen with the skin so stretched it looked like it might burst.

    My bed partner became an ancient 1400 page volume of the PRINCIPLES OF INTERNAL MEDICINE with a good long chapter  on gout (Al Gore hadn't invented the internet yet.) I diagnosed myself with gout. THe book talked about the HUGE excretion of urate with 6 grams of aspirin daily (like 19 a day) for a week. I made it 2 days before my stomach told me NO MORE ASPIRIN!

    But I also found the OTHER cure, colchicine, 2 to start and one an hour til pain relief or severe diiarrhea. So I called my doctor and TOLD him I wanted him to call in an Rx for 60 colchicine. Friend went for the Rx and the next morning I started before dawn. I took a total of 22 pillls on day 9 (no mention the daily UPPER limit is 16.)

    At pill 22, all Hell broke loose and I sat and shat for 45 minutes nonstop/ I would drink a large glass of water (I knew to avoid dehydration) and it would immedicately spill though within a minute…I worried whether I was going to find my eyeballs in the toilet. At the end of the 45 minutes the pain in my foot was gone…a couple hours later all signs of swelling were gone and I arose, Lazarus-like and went for a walk…the first time out of the house in 9 days. That week I went to the doctor and got an Rx for 400 mg. allopurinol per day, a year later I dropped it to 300 and have not had an attack in the last 24 years. When I tried 200 mg + lasix + losartan for a few months, I started  getting some little twinges and ran a 6.7 SUA…quickly went back to 300 mg.

    I have NO dietary restraints and like meat, even liver, shellfish, and wine and beer (perhaps TOO much.Wink)

    CAUTION: Do NOT take 22 colchicine. I'm 6' 2 inches and over 200 pounds so MAYBE for me it wasn't QUITE an overdose.


    Hello Zip, I read on here somewhere (maybe in the wish forum) that there should be some sucess stories. Well I think yours should top the list. I hope I have your kind of luck with the meds once I get this constant pain in my foot cleared up. LIMPY


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