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    Keith Taylor

    Aha, it seems to be working now. For those who missed it, the forum just broke, and Barry’s post went wandering where it shouldn’t have gone. The tech guys mutter bollocks about indexing and stuff. Me and Michael Caine know the real truth. The gout forum is so excited about Barry’s latest uric acid test results, that it went partying. I’m assured it won’t happen again, but who knows. Anyway, sorry for any confusion.

    It’s great news Barry. Slow steady progress in the right direction. It’s up to you when you celebrate, but after work, I’ll be raising a glass of cider to you (I’m not keen on Stella). Yes, the old crystals will keep dissolving. Encourage that by avoiding dehydration and prolonged exposure to cold. Encourage it even more, by celebrating with low-fat milk.


    Too good to last!!!!
    after almost 9 weeks without an attack I got one early this morning – centre of left knee. I did decide to not take colchicine in the hopes it didn’t develop but after 4 hours it has steadily got worse so am on the colchicine…..
    Been on allopurinol for 33 weeks and was optimistic that now my acid levels are below 300 (281 micrmols 10 days ago) that my woes were behind me. I wonder what caused this – old crystals or something new as I have been having 2 cans of cider every night recently. I will never know of course – just can hope this doesn’t develop and I can partake of my ciders again soon!

    Keith Taylor

    Old crystals making an appearance. I’d bet my life savings on it. Well, half of them – I’m saving the other tuppence for a rainy day.

    It’s like an aftershock, and you feel worse because you thought everything was going OK. I’m certain that it is.

    I remember when I was going through the first months, I learned to enjoy a gout attack (almost). When you know that you are below 300 μmols (below 5mg/dL) the only explanation is old crystals saying goodbye. It huts, but better out than in!

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