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    Hi Folks. I have been suffering from my first gout attck since Monday 14/12. I awoke with pain in my big toe. Having had this in the family I have no doubt it is gout. My doctor has given me Naproxen for the inflamation and I am due a blood test to confirm the gout in the new year. What I want to know is I have bought some supplements from a health shop. the stuff I have bought is stinging nettle in capsule form and celery seed in pill form. Are these both safe to take whilst still suffering from my first attack.

    Also I am taking Paracetamol alongside the Naproxen as the pharmacy assistant said this was safe. Can anyone confirm this. Thanks in advance!


    Though health shop supplements rarely have sufficient active ingredients to have much effect, it is never wise to mix medications with supplements unless you know exactly what is in them.

    I have not used Naproxen, but I have previously been advised that paracetamol was safe with ibuprofen (though at the time, I was under medical supervision). It would be best to check with your doctor first – especially as it means that your medical records can be kept accurate.



    Don't drink alcohol with that analgesic combo. Alcohol increases the risk of liver damage.

    If you are not getting pain relief, call your doctor and ask him to call in a prescriprtion for colchicine. After all, it's a long time til the New Year.

    Stinging nettle and celery capsules are very likely totally useless.

    Richard Bell

    Hi mattyjc, I had used Naproxen back during my attack before I had a specialist managing my gout care. I can tell you it is effective for a short period and then it’s effectiveness goes away. Also, it is a very hard drug on the stomach and must be taken along with food and in some cases must even be taken with ant acid. As a rule, I think colchicine is the better med to take for gout pain. I did fairly well with 0.6mg twice a day but Zip2play has a heavy dose method that he has posted elsewhere on this forum. Perhaps he will post it here again.

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