Controlled gout with allopurinol. So is jogging OK?

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    zip2play said:…I have almost no knee problems with using the elliiptical trainer though. I use the professional style Life-Styler that my gym has (about 30 of them.) I've tried the store-bought consumer models and they seem pretty crappy by comaprison…herky-jerky instead of smooth….

    Thanks for the info. I have not been to a gym and tried the professional elliptical trainers, so I guess I would not know if a store bought trainer was crap or not. I'm just trying to save the old knees.


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    • can i run with gout?
    • can jogging reduce uric acid?
    • Is jogging bad for gout?

    Jogging is one form of exercise. Generally speaking exercise is good for gout, but it must be planned on an individual basis. You should get checked by a doctor before embarking on any exercise program. Jogging is particularly significant for knee and ankle stress. If those joints are already damaged by untreated excess uric acid, then you should substitute exercises that are unlikely to cause impact damage.

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