Allopurinol For Life

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    A good thread.

    Let me throw in my $.02 on a couple topics.

    The proper response to “my doctor told me that if I only suffered a few attacks per year, then why take a pill everyday” is:

    “Why, because gout is a disabling disease that eventually leads to DEATH by kidney destruction.”  That response should do the trick. 😀

    I have just read a good article by an expert rheumatologist who says that doctors are too focused  on 300 mg. allopurinol. We are not automatons who weigh the same, metabolize our foods the same or have the same degree of uric acid buildup…why then would we all need the same dose. The literature says the effective dosage is 300 – 800 mg. of allopurinol to treat hyperuricemia. Why then do doctors consider allopurinol a failure if gout attacks still persist at 300 mg.

    On febuxostat: Remember allopurinol was around for decades until some people began to show reaction to it, primarily skin rashes. That's pretty paltry for a FOREVER drug. Few drugs on a forever basis are as benign. I would not be too quick to switch to febuxostat until it had been in common use for at least a decade or I developed a REAL problem with allopurinol (none yet.) Remember too, the glowing performance of F over A was at that magical dose of 300 mg. whereas 2 or 3 different dosages of F were used. Also, it will be, at least in the United Ststes HIDEOUSLY expensive for the first 20 years of its patent life. Doctors of course will prescribe it like CANDY because they would earn points towards their next Mercedes. :D:D

    I for one THANK GOD that there is a drug like allopurinol  that costs $4 a month and saves me from a life of misery…I wish I had gotten on it 5 years earlier than I did (almost 15 years ago.) I've had no side effects from it.


    Greg said:

    I will definately be taking febuxostat once it is approved – it works better than allopurinol. I was part of a phase III clinical trial for this med and was on it for more than a year – during which time I had no gout flairs at all! Too bad the study ended – allopurinol is only paritally effective for me.

    Febuxostat now has FDA approval. It is released as Uloric.


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Viewing 3 posts - 19 through 21 (of 21 total)
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