• Marc Rader

    Oh come on now, those are pretty sexy knees. 5 days of prednisolone and they are back to normal. It was the first time I used a steroid to fix gout.

  • Mike Miller

    I was just diagnosed with gout after 2 attacks in my knee in the last year. The First time I thought I pulled a muscle and this time the I went to a specialist and he just stuck a needle in my knee and drew out the fluid. I immediately felt better and it has been fine for the last week. I really don’t mind the needle as I don’t feel it. It’s the only place I get it. Is it normal for a 35 year old to get Gout?

    • Though gout strikes mainly after 40, it is certainly not unusual for younger people to get it. There are many things that can cause an increase in uric acid, and some of them, like genetic over-production or under-excretion, are not age dependent.

      It is quite unusual to only get gout in the knee, and quite unusual to get relief simply from drawing fluid (unless the specialist injected pain relief at the same time.

      The proof is in the fluid that was drawn from your knee. Has this been analyzed? If urate crystals are present, then you must manage it by reducing your uric acid levels.

  • Knee Pain Info

    Ouch! That looks like a painful case of Knee Gout! I’ve always heard gout was conected to one’s diet. Is that true?

    • It can be diet, but most commonly it is hereditary. It can also be environmental, in the widest sense. As well as over-exposure to lead and other metallic elements, some drugs for high blood pressure, cancer and other conditions can cause gout.

      A proper assessment of uric acid is vital.

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