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GoutPal websites help you choose the best gout treatment options to suit you. If you are unsure of the best gout remedies for your situation, this forum can help you.

It is rare for a gout patient to only need one gout treatment. This can make it complicated to find the right combination of gout remedies. If you find your choices are overwhelming, then you can get help in this forum.

Please remember that this forum is about Gout Treatments, Cures, Remedies, And Relief, and so you should read the Gout Treatment Forum Introduction if you have not posted here before. There are other forums to discuss other aspects of gout, and if you are not sure, please see the Using GoutPal forum. There is a full list of forums in the menu near the top of each page.

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These are active discussions about gout remedies. Please see if you can improve the discussion with your opinions and experiences.
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Remember, the new gout remedies FAQ starts at Questions for Gout Sufferers.

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