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Let me explain how I give gout help.

First of all, I’ll introduce myself. I’m Keith Taylor, and I’ve got gout. I started my gout websites in 2005 so I could record what I learned about gout. I needed to understand my gout and make sense of information from my doctor and from the Internet. The information didn’t make sense to me. My doctor couldn’t work out if I had gout or not. He sent me to ER where I got hospitalized for 4 days. Eventually, a rheumatologist confirmed I had gout, and discharged me. On returning to my doctor for advice, I got some painkillers and diet advice that I now know was useless.

I trawled the Internet for help, but what I found was confusing and inconsistent. Many websites contradicted each other. Many websites seemed only concerned with expensive reports that claimed secret knowledge, or “gout cures” that cost too much. When I looked at scientific gout studies, I knew that much of what I was reading and hearing was wrong. Either from ignorance or greed, I realized I was being lied to.

I started GoutPal to collect my research and try to make sense of gout. I started gout forums here because I needed to discuss what I found with other gout sufferers. Did they get the same bad information as me? How did other gout sufferers work out what was right, and what was wrong? I learned two very important gout facts:

  1. Gout is personal. It affects everybody in different ways, and what works for one person might not work for another
  2. It’s good to talk. By discussing your gout problems with other gout sufferers, you get an understanding that you never get from the medics.

Through learning and sharing, I controlled my gout. I know it will always be there for me. I know that some people can cure it completely whilst others have to settle for a lifetime of control. I know that my purpose in life is to help other gout sufferers find their cure, or how to live with gout. I’m here for you.

For quick gout help, I provide a GoutPal search box near the top of every page. So please type a brief question into the search box.

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Gout Help Update

This page was the starting point for frequently asked questions about gout. But as you can see, I have moved to a new personal gout help website. So, I have also reorganized common gout questions. Therefore, you should start with Questions for Gout Sufferers.

However, I still have some general help topics to move. So, I have retained this gout help index. Those gout help topics are:

What Are Purines?
Discussions and news items that explain what purines are. This helps you know what choices you need to make about purines in your gout diet. Then helps you choose healthy gout food that is best for your gout.
Gout Remedies Help

Gout Remedies FAQ. What’s the best remedy for gout in foot? Which gout cures are fastest? Do natural cures for gout work? And many many more gout remedies.

Gout Symptoms Help & Debates
Gout Symptoms Help lets you find current debates about gout symptoms, causes, or diagnosis.

Leave Gout Help to read Questions for Gout Sufferers.

2 replies on “Gout Help”

I am taking Atenelol and perindopril for my heart and BP…. I was diagnosed in Feb with gout after suffering with it for 5 years or more….I will give you some good advice :-

1) If you think it maybe gout ..tell your doctor you want to see a rheumatologist…I kept going to doctors about the fact that i had a inflamed knee/ankle for4 days and i couldnt physically move to get in to see him…Reply..oh well its gone now..take these painkillers if it happens again….5 years…..5 YEARS and one cortisone shot in the knee..i get an appointment ..Best thing ever

2) Had gout test….rheumy amazed that i had NEVER had a uric acid test !!!! Put onto 100mg Allo…then 300mg..then took it on myself to goto double prescribed so i took the bloody LOT !! Had uric test/liver test now down to 0.31mm…perfect..Told doc abut hitting the 600…ooh ..quick look in the book..oh max is 800mg so shall we put you on 500mg…NO !! I WANT TO BE ON it throu

3) From not being able to walk downstairs unaided ( ankles/knees) i am now walking downstairs….My knee hardly bent at all before…now its much better although still not perfect…but it will come. Walked my dogs in pain ( some days couldnt walk at all)..last week walked for 2 hrs in wellington boots with my dogs !! Worried about parking to goto the shos in case it was too far….now dont worry at all.

4) I have had flares during this time..but i know its crystals dissolving.

5) Get on the Allo ASAP …you can do it with BP pills that i am on…and wait for the results to come over the next few months…i am living a life again !!!

Good Luck