Do you know a good gout doctor?

It could be a gout specialist, e.g. a rheumatologist, or it could be your local MD who has given you great gout treatment.

Prompted by a tidying up of old forum discussions, I notice that there are occasional calls for recommendations for a doctor with good gout knowledge. Rarely are these answered, but some of that may be due to the way topics that ask that question are scattered over many forums.

I’ve decided to try and build a list of recommended gout doctors, and I can only do it with your help.

If your doctor is particularly good with gout, please pass on their details, but first contact them to check this is OK. I will start a new list organized by country and region with the details.

Similarly, if you are looking for a gout specialist, please say which area you are prepared to travel to.

To kick things off, the old message that I have just deleted was seeking a gout doctor in London UK, but prepared to travel to the home counties. Nobody was able to respond at the time. Do you know a suitable gout doctor?

Also, a gout specialist was named in a different context, but the writer didn’t actually say he was any good or not. This makes me realize that if you are going to recommend someone, you should say why.