The most recent article on gout from the UK’s leading medical journal

Gout. The Lancet. Jan 2010.pdf (781 KB)

GoutPal Note:

This is an excellent summary on the current understanding of gout, and how best to treat it. Towards the end, the authors note:

patient information seems to be an outstanding issue in the management of gout?every patient should be informed about the disease, its curable nature, the targets and practicalities of drug therapy, how to prevent and handle flares, and the importance of lifestyle and dietary factors.

And that, my friends, is the GoutPal raison d’?tre.

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  • trev

    Interesting that the article early on list 4 meds as acting on the same pathway for UA handling:
    [Probenicid and] Losartan (which I take) being mentioned frequently on GP site.
    Used with Furosemide [which must be taken some hours earlier to be effective for serum UA lowering] this is a good way to take a max gout friendly anti hypertensive + diuretic med. combo.
    The good news is that Losartan does not effect libido as much as many BP meds- The less good news- is that it’s not the most effective of BP lowering meds, by some accounts.

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