I get many questions about gout, from all over the world.
Here’s one I answered today from Romania about Foods To Avoid With Gout.

The original question is preceded by >, and my answer is in italics.

> I am from Romania. I have been suffering from gout for almost 4 years and now I am on Allopurinol (200) for more than one year.

As I understand it, if you take allopurinol, you should be able to eat almost anything.
What is more important is to have uric acid levels monitored regularly to ensure that you are taking the correct dosage.
When you are getting it checked, you should ask your doctor about any changes that you need to make to your diet.
Please let me know what he says.

> I have read a lot about how bad is minced meat for gout. Is this true and why? Is it bad even if it’s chicken minced meat? I like meat balls a lot. This means I am not allowed to eat them any longer?

There is nothing wrong with eating minced meat.
It is no worse for gout than regular cuts of meat.
The reason why some people say that you should avoid it is that it is often poor quality.
If offal (organ meats such as liver, kidneys, brains, heart) has been mixed with the meat, this might have a bad effect on gout, as will excess fat.
You would have to eat a lot of meatballs to notice any effect.

I’m sorry that I don’t know much about life in Romania (I’m in the UK, where most meat is sold in supermarkets, but I always go to a good local butcher).
If you can buy your meat from a butcher and have them mince it for you, or mince your own, you can check that you are getting good quality meat.

To help your gout, and your general health, you should always make sure that meat is accompanied by lots of vegetables.

> I like your site very much . Congratulations. You’ve been of much help for me.

Thanks again. I love getting feedback from my readers.
Perhaps you could share some of your experiences on my new gout forum

I’m sure many of my readers, and myself, would love to hear how you cope with gout in Romania.
What’s the health service like?

So what are your views on food to avoid with gout when you are taking allopurinol? Have you had any advice on this from your doctor?

Do you have any great Ground Chicken Recipes for Gout?