My only events with gout came from starting fish oil. My doctor gave me a prescription for a high quality fish oil. I immediately came down with severe gout.First time ever. I stopped taking the fish oil and received treatment. The doctor thought it was coincidence and had me restart the fish oil. We did this for a total of three times with the same results. I finally convinced him it was not a coincident. I switched to Flax seed oil and no more problems.

Gout free.


  • Thank you for that – it’s prompted me to update some of my information about flaxseed oil in my Gout Home Remedies guidelines. I will be back with a longer response when I have finished that. I just wanted to share the first reference to flax that I found:

    The voluminous writings on the medical aspects of gout date back to 350 B.C., the time of Hippocrates. He, in one of the first reports on the surgical treatment of gout, provided relief from severe pain by burning the painful tophi with crude flax.

    Ouch 😥

  • Since I last looked at flax, there have been a couple more reports on rats that indicate that flax could lower uric acid. These are not reliable indicators as there is no human testing, and no gout assessment.

    All we can really do at the moment is to try flax seeds or flaxseed oil and see if it helps on an individual basis. As I mention in my latest report on flax and uric acid, the only thing that matters is if it keeps uric acid to 5 or lower. You might be OK at 6, but anything above that is dangerous.

    I say it is dangerous, because it means uric acid crystals are slowly destroying joints and other tissues. Even with gout home remedies like flax, you still have to manage uric acid properly.

  • hansinnm

    I have taken 2 Tbsp of ground flaxseeds daily religiously (even though I don’t believe in the figment of imagination of a god) for about eight years, and I for one, can definitely state that it has done NOTHING for me during the worst time of my 28 year gout history in 2008 through 2010.
    So why am I still taking it daily? Quite simply because it has put one of the most important body functions on AUTOMATIC!!! Even though some people think and say that I am full of shit, I can assure you, my body ain’t. And I am not one of those who doesn’t have control of/over my body either, except when I take prescription drugs, prescribed by representatives of the medical industry (like LISINOPRIL for supposedly high blood pressure.) By the way, I quit after three days and I also quit that rep five years ago and my blood pressure has dropped to ~115/70 and 120/72 ever since.
    Back to flaxseed: At $1 to $1.75 (now) per lb (enough for 2 Tbsp’s/day for one month) I can’t think of an economically and physiologically more effective body function regulator than FLAXSEED.

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