Update: This topic is now closed: please see https://gout-pal.com/gout-help/

I am upgrading this gout support site during August 2012.

The forums are working as normal, but some links will disappear during my changes. You might have trouble finding the usual places, but please do not worry.

The forums are now available via the menu above.

The list under Forums will take you to the introduction page for each forum Those pages describe what the forum is about, and helps you get the most out of it. This is the best place to start if you are new to the forums.

The list under Gout Discussion Lists shows all the current discussions. You can join in any discussion, but please note that the reply box defaults to replying to the original post. If you want to reply to a specific comment, please click the reply link on that comment first – this even applies to the last comment.

At the end of each discussion list is a link to start a new discussion – this is only available if you are logged in.

Please remember that I am here to help you with your gout problems, and I want to improve my services for you. I can only do this if you describe your problem clearly. Just tell me what you want, and I’ll try to provide it.

The full range of gout reference information remains at GoutPal.com.


  • It’s my third attempt at using up spare time attempting to find the Forum interactions and past communications that might apply to questions I have. I don’t understand why you don’t just provide a simple link to these forums..?
    Maybe you can go look at other forum sights where it’s typically very simple to find actual forum activity and initiate some of their designs. Until I receive an email back from you or others indicating a breakthrough.., I’ll not be returning to this sight. Thank you for your dedication to all this, but I can assure you it’s all for nought if these things don’t get straightened out.


    I have to agree with Chuck Davison I can’t even find the forums. I use to love this site and talking to the guys on here like you Keith, Zip ,Hans and the other. But the way this is set up now I’m at a loss. I really miss the old site 🙁

    • But Richard,

      You are *in* the forums. Much easier, isn’t it? With so much more to come. I’m almost tempted to spill the beans, but the big announcement will be soon.

      Just so I get it right this time, please can you tell me what you need? I’m here to fix gout, not support forum software vendors who try to rip-off their supporters.

  • Hans

    But Keith,

    Where are we on the forums?

    I agree with Limpy, as he agrees with Chuck. I have told you already in the past that your NEW forum “stinks” And I know that has pissed you off to the point that you took my name off as one of the more [prolific contributors.

    I don’t even know if/when someone has posted a comment. I am still sitting here on 180 Colchicines which the nice Irishman brought to the States, took his time and money to bring them to me and I am willing to pass them on to any one who can’t afford paying $5 for one pill. I don’t have the foggiest idea if any one has asked for them or not.

    And as you probably have noticed not too many old (and I don’t mean age) gouties are responding anymore. You are practically the only one who does.

    One point in question or complaint: Why do I have to print my name and email address each and every time I want to respond???

    • You are in the emergency forum that I set up when I closed the one that you never stopped complaining about. I will close this particular topic soon, as I believe the emergency is over, and we can now get back to discussing gout.

      Each different forum is listed in the menu above. The list of current gout discussions goes straight to the current discussions. The list of forums goes to the beginning of each forum which introduces it to new visitors.

      I have not taken your name off anything, and I have no idea what you mean by that, but if you post the link I will investigate.

      If you want to know when someone has posted, I urge you to sign up to the Gout Forum Updates service. It is listed towards the top of the right had sidebar. I will try to make it more prominent. That is predominantly an email service, but if you click the little yellow badge with red numbers (FeedBurner) you get other options. There is a separate update service listed at the bottom of each discussion, which is email only.

      I am sorry to read that nobody has accepted the kind offer of free colchicine. Maybe it is because people are wary about meds that they don’t have to pay for. I will give another shout out on the main website to see if I can generate a response.

      I like to believe that people do not return to this forum because they have followed your wise words and fixed their gout. Other theories are available, but I certainly do not measure my success by how many people post in the forums. I measure it by the number of kind people who contribute to the server fund. That is going well at the moment, but I still have to subsidize it. Visitor numbers are slightly down, which was worrying until I checked with Google and found that Gout activity is generally low at the moment. Vacation season perhaps?

      The reason why you have to enter your name and email address each time is because you are not logged in. Click the Login button in the menu near the top of the page. I will try to make the encouragement to login message a bit clearer.

      Anyway, after all that, it’s good to here from you again. I hope you are well, and making the most of the sailing.

    • Following my last response, I have added additional prompts to log in before the reply form, and made the subscription service clearer at the end of each forum discussion.

      I hope this makes it easier to use.

      Can I suggest that any future requests for improvements go to the Using GoutPal Forum, as I will be closing this temporary August discussion soon.

  • Gerwyn

    Please help.

    I can,t log onto site . I am registered but forgot my password and the site does not recognise my email address?

    • Hello Gerwyn, I’m sorry that you are having trouble using the forum. I have double-checked, and you are definitely not registered for the forum. Perhaps you are registered for the update service? If so, that is a separate service run by GoutPal called FeedBurner. It is a great service for keeping people informed because it takes all the strain out of sending thousands of emails every day. I simply cannot afford to use a server that will handle that, so it has to run as a separate service. I am sorry if this causes confusion, and I will try to make the explanations of my gout support services clearer in future.

      The way out of this is to register, though as you can see, you do get restricted access to these forums without registering. Once you register an automated long password will be sent to your email inbox, with a link to log-in. Once you have logged in, you can change the password to something memorable, though I prefer the free password service from LastPass.com, as I only ever have to remember a single password, and their service remembers the rest.

      Please register for the gout support forums at this link, or the register link that is now (thanks to Hans) at the end of every discussion list.

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