Colgout is a brand of colchicine, commonly sold in Australia and New Zealand. Just like Colcrys in the United States, everything we discuss about colchicine also applies to Colgout.

Colgout Overview

There maybe minor differences in dosage between generic colchicine, Colgout, and other branded preparations. However, these are not significant, so the overall advice is:

Preventative Colgout

Colgout may be taken as a preventative during the early stabilization stages of uric acid lowering treatment (allopurinol, febuxostat etc) at the dose of one per day.

As-Required Colgout

When taken as required to combat a gout flare, one tablet to be taken as soon as possible, with a second tablet after one hour if needed.

If gout pain continues after two Colgout, supplement with anti-inflammatories and other analgesics as advised by your doctor or pharmacist.

There is no specific advice on Colgout, so for detailed information, please see the colchicine guidelines.

Colgout Side Effects

Colgout side effects are no different from colchicine side effects.

For complete information, please see the colchicine side effects pages.

If you wish to discuss Colgout side effects, please join the colchicine side effects discussion.

Colgout: Next Steps

If you want to discuss other aspects of Colgout, please see other colchicine discussions. You can browse these using the gout remedies discussion list. Even better, just search for your question using the search box above or below. Please remember to replace Colgout with colchicine in your question to find the most answers.

If you do not find a suitable discussion, or you specifically want to discuss a uniques aspect of Colgout, please start a new gout discussion. It is almost always better to discuss colchicine rather than Colgout, as it makes the discussion relevant to the largest number of gout sufferers.

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