Sir, I am 45 year old male suffering from Gout for last about 20 years. Whenever the Uric Acid level goes high Allopurinol is used under the supervision of a physcian. But using allopurinol leads to?profuse hair fall (Alopecia) and of late now I am also experiencing skin allergy in the form of bruising skin. Please suggest some remedy for both these side effects. Thanks

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  • I’m extremely sorry that I have not made the purpose of GoutPal Interactive clear. I’m also sorry that you are experiencing one of the known allopurinol side-effects of alopecia, but I will come to that in a moment.

    This gout forum is here to help explain and improve the gout information on my main website. In this case, the relevant information starts with the allopurinol side-effects guidelines. You will notice on that page I advise:

    In normal circumstances, you should not stop taking allopurinol once started, but if you cannot tolerate it, then speak to your doctor about other urate lowering gout medications.

    Perhaps you are wondering why I cannot “suggest some remedy for both these side effects” as you ask. Again, I apologize if this is not clear, but I am not a doctor. I am simply a gout patient like you. I have no medical training, and it would be dangerous for me to recommend medical treatment. Only a doctor with access to your test results and medical history can suggest remedies.

    What I can do, is suggest what you should be talking to your doctor about. The first thing should be your exact uric acid test result. It is pointless discussing side-effects when you are not certain that the main purpose of allopurinol is being achieved. Your uric acid level must be 5mg/dL, or below.

    Once you are clear that your uric acid is safe, you can discuss what to do about side-effects. Hopefully, your doctor will have some experience of this, and he may advise you how best to balance the life-saving benefits of safe uric acid against the side-effects you are experiencing. I am very concerned about the bruising you mention. You should get liver and kidney function tests immediately. You should also ask your doctor if it is safe to continue with allopurinol pending your test results.

    My advice is to see your doctor now, and ensure that you are safe. That means ensuring that your allopurinol side effects are not dangerous, and it means ensuring that your uric acid level is safe. Beyond that, I know of one gout patient who solved the alopecia problem by switching to Uloric (febuxostat, also sold as Adenuric).

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