Has anyone ever tried acupuncture for gout ?

If so what were the results ?



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Gout & Acupuncture discussions

Earlier discussions about acupuncture have included:

Odo: There are, however, a few people here who are trying to avoid drug therapy, mostly through diet. But it is a long, slow process of trial and error with only small gains to be made. My personal recommendation would be to give Chinese medicine a try: acupuncture and herbs. This is usually a therapy of last resort for many people, but it can have remarkable results, especially in conjunction with dietary restrictions from both a Western and Chinese perspective. And, of course, it’s totally natural and can even run alongside any other meds you might be taking. The only downside is it’s not cheap.

Odo also contributed a photograph of his acupuncture session, described as:

Acupuncture For Gout Photograph…definite reduction in swelling, but only temporary.

The best result I had with acupuncture was bleeding (about 10 drops) a point at the rear corner of the nail bed. Instantaneous relief from feeling that your toe is about to explode and then increasingly better over the next 24 hrs. About on a par with taking naproxen and halting a flare in its tracks. Have done this several times to great effect.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who has a SUA tester & gets big toe attacks. I found the lancet tool was perfect for the job.

Finally, Frank contributed another acupuncture snippet:

To ease the discomfort which could possibly be due to U A dissolving out of the body a therapist utilized Acupressure Taping ( KINESIO TEX GOLD) on my ankles,instep and foot arch yesterday morning. During the evening and through the night this specific area became painful which caused me to remove the tape- the area under the tape was warm but otherwise normal. The feeling is that this tape, acting on the acupuncture points, “drew out” Uric Acid resulting in a reduced and defined ( by area) gout attack DESPITE the low level of Uric Acid in the blood! The area of the ankles still exhibits deposits of tophi although limited.

Has anyone else tried acupuncture for their gout?

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