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You do not need to be a member to browse the forum discussions about gout. Other gout sufferers will ask questions that are relevant to you. You can see their answers, and use that information to help you manage your gout.

Indeed, I encourage all visitors to take a lengthy look at the forum before you decide to join. You can see the way the forum works, and pick up tips to help you ask good questions when you are ready to be a member.

My best tip is for you to type your question into the search box near the top and bottom of every page. This will show you relevant discussions, and you will probably get valuable information that helps you control your gout.

If you cannot find relevant discussions, or you need more information about a certain topic, then that is the time to think about registering as a member. The registration process is simple. If you belong to Facebook, Google+ or one of the other social networks shown at the top right of each page, you can click the appropriate icon, and become a member instantly. If you do not want to use social networks to login, create your password protected user account on the Gout Support Registration Page.

Note to Gout Website Owners

Please note that I do not allow unsolicited self-promotion in the forums. However, if you have a gout product or service, and you would like me to help you promote it, please introduce yourself in the forum. Do this without linking to specific products, but please explain how you are trying to support gout sufferers. I will help anyone who wants to promote their products or website, but I expect to be asked before you start adding links.

Once you are logged in, forms will appear at the end of every discussion for you to ask related questions or share your experiences and opinions. There is a form at the end of every forum index list where you can start a new discussion. If you are a new member, I urge you to follow the advice on the New Member page.

The GoutPal Interactive team are all gout sufferers who join the forum to help understand gout and how to control it. Many members learn enough to control their own gout, then return to the forum to help others. There is no point in joining if you do not want to join these discussions.

I hope you want to share your questions, experiences, and opinions about gout. That way, we all learn something, and you will find it much easier to manage your gout.

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