Can Warfarin Cause Gout?

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Can Warfarin Cause Gout?

In my response, I refer to 2 studies:

1st report says Coumadin raise uric acid levels.
Menon, Ram K., D. P. Mikhailidis, Joyce L. Bell, P. B. Kernoff, and P. Dandona. “Warfarin administration increases uric acid concentrations in plasma.” Clinical chemistry 32, no. 8 (1986): 1557-1559.
2nd report says Coumadin has no effect on uric acid levels.
Walker, F. B., D. M. Becker, B. Kowal-Neeley, and L. S. Krongaard. “Lack of effect of warfarin on uric acid concentration.” Clinical chemistry 34, no. 5 (1988): 952-954.

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